Hi! I’m Rachel Belle, also known as “Salty Señorita” (although I’ve deleted all of my social media accounts so this website is the last remaining proof!). I’m the lady with the white fluffy dogs (Bear and Zita, aged 15) and we live aboard our 1976 Fantasia 34′ named Coconut. I’m a Veteran, Interior Design / Lighting Design / Web Designer / Transcriber / Boat Deliverer currently dabbling in Real Estate.

I’ve always been a minimalist who has tried to live below my means. While boat life was not in my plans, I’ve sailed close to 10,000 nautical miles in the last decade and paid off all of my debts while restoring two old boats! I’ve sailed (as crew) from Hawaii to San Francisco, from Chile to Antarctica and back, and sailed solo from San Francisco to Mexico (with the pups on board!). I have also done a handful of other deliveries along the Pacific Coast and in the Sea of Cortez, and it helps that I’m fluent in Spanish.

I’ve always been a hands on learner and am admittedly painfully independent. Everything I’ve learned about sailing I’ve learned from my dock neighbors, or YouTube, or I failed so many times I finally got it right! The accomplishment of reaching these seemingly small milestones (like fixing a broken bilge pump or getting my water tanks to finally hold water) on my own is beyond what I ever saw for myself yet better than I anything I could have imagined!

There are many reasons why this lifestyle has worked out for me, but at the end of the day it took a lot of hard work and came before, during, and after a lot of personal hardships. I had to decide for myself that I wasn’t going to waste a second of my life being unhappy with a chronically toxic job, partner, friend, or relative. Life is too short, and the only thing we have control over is ourselves anyways so we may as well make the most of our hopes and dreams while we can.

For inquiries or if you just want to say “hi!”, please contact me at saltysenorita@yahoo.com