a new years eve at sea

Yet again, another fantastical time with my sailing buddies. It was mostly impromptu. We had talked about a bike trip up to Point Reyes for a few days, or a sail up that way, but nobody could be gone for that long. I started my new job the next day so all I cared about was being back for my first day. People were still coming back from Christmas vacation with their families, and bam, suddenly there are 6 of us and my dogs on a boat heading out to anchor up with two other boats out at Clipper Cove. The night was a perfect combination of dancing, getting stuck in the mud but still making it to our friends, more dancing, celebrating, fireworks thru the trees, and sleep.

The next morning as we were eating another delicious meal prepared by Captain Geoff, a strong easterly wind came and broke the party up. The boats that were rafted together started to bang a little too close for the rigging’s sake, someone’s anchor came up, and we pretty much broke it up after that. Instead of going back to the marina, because it wasn’t even 10 AM yet, we decided to head for an unusual downwind sail towards the Golden Gate Bridge, thru the Racoon Straits, over towards Richmond and back to The Berk. It was a beautiful day as always!