awesome neighbors

Ok, right after I posted my rant about my creepy neighbor, I went out to the deck and saw this:


I forgot I had seen a friend on another dock the other day and he warned me that he was going to leave me something. I was boasting about my new oven and was excited to make some dairy free treats, and being that he makes deserts at a very nice restaurant, he left me some goodies!


Can’t wait to hear what the yummy-ness was inside! Thanks Alejandro!!


weirdo neighbors

So, a lot of people would agree that amongst the liveaboards in any marina it is sure to be a collection of “interesting folk”.

When I first moved to this dock, my only other official liveaboard neighbor asked if I had met the creepy guy next to me. “You know, he’s got the cameras set up in his windows?”

Say what?! There’s someone living next to me and may be spying on me and I haven’t seen him once?! To date, I’ve been at this spot for about 6 months and I have seen him two times, either going to or leaving the boat. Both times he didn’t even look at me. Both times I thought to myself “there’s no way he’s actually living there, I would surely see him more often right?

Wrong. Today, this man is doing some boat work and the only way I know that is because

1. His saw is protruding from the tarp as he was sawing away, and

2. I can hear him drilling all sorts of things in the cockpit

It is so odd to me that people like this exist. I never thought of myself as a super social being, but I think.. wait.. I KNOW I would go nuts being trapped in a boat for weeks at a time with no social interaction.

So far, he’s taken the camera that faces my boat down and he hasn’t bothered me so I might as well just keep pretending that I don’t know he’s there.

At my last dock, I saw a couple of guys doing the same as this guy: coming and going without uttering a word, disappearing into their boat to quickly be forgotten about until seen again. They weren’t right next to me, and they didn’t have cameras in their windows, (or did they?!?!) but whatever, so I’ve got some weirdo neighbors. There’s still plenty of cool people here.




a makeshift galley!!!!!!

I broke down and ordered a manual food processor to open up my world of cooking. I also happened to meet a woman who had received a small convection oven the size of a microwave as a gift, a gift she did not have room for.

This is so exciting!!! I got the food processor a little over a week ago and have already made a fennel salad, cauliflower mashed potatoes, pesto, zucchini noodles, and carrot salad. I love this thing! I had a space that was perfect for the Braville convection oven, I now just need a short extension cord to be able to plug it in and use it. Since I have moved my plug in cooler out of the way, I am hoping to be able to legitimately have people over for dinner now. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



saving money

It was “Bike To Work Day” here in the Bay and that inspired me to write this post. I’ve been making a lot of changes to make what I have last as long as possible (as far as supplies, food, and money). I really am tightening down on my spending, so here’s what I’ve been doing to save that monay:

1. Started riding my bike to work. Savings: $80/month (plus used less gas to get to the BART station)

2. Since I bike to work and hardly drive, one tank of gas can last me two months. Savings: $70/month

3. Bought drug store makeup instead of department store brands. Savings: $25/month

4. Since my hair is finally all the same texture (all damaged parts have been cut off!!) I buy the cheapest conditioner possible. Savings: $6/month

5. At my new dock, electricity is paid for (I paid the electricity at my last dock). Savings: up to $77/month (YES, I had an almost $80 bill in the winter)

6. I make all of my food. I might eat out once every couple of weeks. Savings: $1.2 million. Ok, maybe more like $200/month

7. Cancelled my gym membership. My new office has a gym, and I would rather be outside with the dogs anyways. Savings: $44/month

8. Used a company discount on my cell phone bill and re-assessed my usage with the plan. Savings: $15/month

9. Utilize the VA Healthcare system instead of opting for high cost health insurance. Savings: $150/month (more including copays, meds, etc.)

10. Do laundry more often. Amazingly enough, when I do one big load of laundry a week rather than waiting for an entire white/dark/mixed load to become full, I cut my laundry expenses in half! Savings: $25/month

11. Find uses for things I already have. This goes for food as well (if I have a bag of carrots, make some carrot salad!) Savings: PRICELESS!!!!

Added up, I’m saving $695/month!!! That’s a lot. Mind you I have never had health insurance, so I’ve never spent that $150/month. That’s still a lot of monthly savings that I’m pretty damn proud of. What else can you cut out of your life?