bilge bilgeyness

Anyone who has gone sailing on this boat probably knows it takes on a bit of water when out on the bay. Not so much, but enough to mess everything up down below. In trying to determine the problem you have to rule out things one by one. I’ve made progress in the past year, but I still haven’t narrowed it down just yet.

Someone had asked if I am closing the valve to my sink when going sailing. I honestly didn’t even know where it was!
So I removed a few boards here and there and got to it. The thing is so rusty if I even try to close it I am sure the handle would break off. Being that this is below the water line, it’s not something I want to f/with if you know what I mean.

My diver (yes he’s mine and only mine) cleaned the bottom of my boat and while he was down there I had him plug the sink hole for me. That way I could change the ball valve out and not worry about sinking the boat. I did give it a solid attempt, but there was too much water coming out of the hoses once disconnected and I realized I was in over my head and needed a pro. I asked all of my neighbors, one who quickly said “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10′ pole, you gotta haul out for that!!” I appreciated the honesty, and at least I knew that I did need a professional.

I found a great guy who knows what he’s doing, is punctual, and… well that’s all the matters! He came by tonight to try to change out the valve, but it turns out the hole below the water line isn’t completely plugged. Water just kept draining and draining and draining. We had to re-attach the hoses and when my diver is in town again I will have him with us so that we’ve got both areas covered.

To be continued!






kite festival

Here we are at the Berkeley Kite Festival! Right in our own backyard, can’t complain about that! Tons of food, games I wish I could take part in, music, and kite flying. Of course I rowed over to meet my friends, gotta get as much dinghy action as we can.






bear and zita save the day

I was coming back from a walk with the kiddos yesterday and I heard this girl screaming at the top of her lungs. Her mom was carrying her and there were three other girls screaming about wasps, her mom saying to her daughter in her arms “I need baking soda,” explaining to me that her daughter was stung a few times by wasps. Since this was right outside my gate, I offered her to come to my boat for some baking soda-water magic power to help with the stinging sensation.

I’m SO glad Bear and Zita were here with me, because without even doing anything they comforted and enetertained the kids in no time. Eventually the little girl Maya was feeling better and everyone went across the street to the playground to wait for their ride to show up. And yes, these girls were two sets of twins. Don’t see that every day!









rip schnicker bear

I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of this girl. My neighbor Ted has two (yes two) 14 year old dogs. Bigger dogs, like 70+ lbs. Schnick was an old girl and didn’t move much, but she was a sweetie and a princess in her own right. I often times saw her sleeping in the shadows of dock boxes in the mornings, as her favorite spot was anywhere in the shade. Being a black dog with tons of fur, I can’t imagine she’d like sleeping anywhere else. Her brother Ti didn’t care for my energetic hood rat doggies, but Miss Schnick liked to say hello every once in a while.

She started having seizures a couple of weeks ago, shortly after her brother Ti had a heart attack (so far he’s doing OK). Miss Schnick passed away yesterday, peacefully with her daddy by her side. The vet thinks the seizures and passing were due to a tumor on her spleen, one that didn’t cause pain thankfully. I got to give her some loving just a couple of days ago when I stopped by their boat. She will be missed <3


two year anniversary

I’ve been here in the Bay Area for two years now! Wow, how life has changed!!!! My friend Steve invited me on a sail on Copernicus, and it was lovely if I do say so myself. Well, just check it out for yourself actually.

and some pics to boot 🙂


lovely days in the neighborhood

Ahh, man, I’ve been slacking on the blog posting, but to be honest I’m still trying to catch up! Two weeks of being really ill took a toll on my productivity (I had salmonella, in my blood. eek!). In between my naps and such, I have been putzing around the marina and enjoying myself somewhat.

First off, I got a chance to shave my dogs finally. Summer is here and it is HOT! They love coming with me on dinghy rides 🙂


There’s kayak polo games that happen a few times a week (much more interesting than the dragon boat racing that also happens a few times a week on my dock).


I went on a sail with my friends new (to him) Farrallon 29′, it was windy but it was also fun! My friend Steve bought this boat a few months ago and has been doing a lot of work to it, and more to be continued! Sailing adventures on S/V Copernicus!



And last but not least my neighbor Alex coordinated an Angel Island sail and BBQ! What a relaxing day that was!!

Fourth Of July is this coming Thursday, lots of people have four day weekends… not sure what it will bring but I hope it’s fun!