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Finally did it! My first pedicure on the boat, it’s about time. This girl is ready to dance dance dance!


from a midnight massacre to an at home pamper party… happy thursday!

I often tell people that no two days are alike. I never get bored here. If I do, you all better be worried because that’s just not possible!!! It’s not all fun and games though. Either I’m greasy/paint ridden or I’m welcomed by some type of bodily fluid involved (usually from my beloved Princess Poopsalot). Either way, there’s always something going on… WARNING: GORE. THERE IS A GROSS PICTURE BELOW. YES I TOOK A PICTURE.

Last night instead of refilling the dog food like I should have (there was stuff in the way, grr) I just set out the mostly empty container on the cockpit seats and went to bed. “I’ll refill it in the morning!” I told myself. (Yeah right, the morning comes around and I say “I can sleep in, I got everything done last night!”) So here’s how my Thursday is panning out so far.

Exhibit A: here, the mostly empty food container. Note the crumbs to the right of the container. There would be no reason for there to be crumbs anywhere unless someone was trying to feast on said crumbs.

food...crumbs that weren't there before...

I did hear a loud-ish commotion on the boat last night / this morning. While it only lasted for 10-15 seconds, it definitely sounded like a struggle but who was involved I haven’t a clue. A bird being attacked by a bigger bird? Perhaps. I didn’t hear any foot prints so I would rule out a rat / skunk / raccoon. At the time I waited for Zita’s warning bark to signal trouble, but she was quiet (not even snoring!). Since she didn’t seem startled, I figured whatever was happening it would take care of itself. Well, someone took care of someone else, and that someone else was probably feasting on said dog food that I left out. Meaning, I’m an accessory to murder.

le dog food that was not there before

Exhibit B: This is the opposite side of the cockpit of where the dog food bin was. There was no food over here previously. Someone was feasting. This is what I really have to deal with, people. It’s not glamorous most of the time! WARNING TO LOOK AWAY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE ANYTHING GRODY.

the murder scene

Chyeah. There you go! Nom-nom-nom happening all up on my boat. The splatter even got onto Zita’s crate that I’ve been spray painting. Damnit wildlife!

So, yes, I had to leave the boat with there being blood all up on it.

When I get home I am going to clean it all up, hose the boat down, make it all shiny and new.

And because I have a friend coming into town this weekend, that means I need to pack.
And because we’re going to go party harty, I need to do my pedicure / facial / deep conditioning treatment.
And I’m going to pretend that none of the above happened while I’m doing this.



all growed up

I recently got my very first bonus at work. It was much bigger than expected. Sadly, my inner child had to be locked up and my inner grown up came out and put alllll that nice monay into paying off a loan. My inner child wants to visit foreign lands and swim in warm waters. My inner child wants to say “screw it I’ve worked too hard, I deserve this!!!” Well, I no longer believe in deserving things. Life isn’t about handing you exactly what you want, that would be way too easy and way too boring. That didn’t stop me entirely though. I complained to my friend about how sucky it is to be all responsible and stuff. She told me that one day I was going to have a huge house because of how hard I am working to get my debt paid off….

“Big boat,” I corrected her, “I’m going to have a big boat one day.”


a dinghy love affair

I prefer to NOT shop online, however, it’s the easiest way to find good quality stuff by being able to read user reviews. I bought this dinghy at the recommendation of a neighbor. I knew from day one that it was going to change things for us, but I didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be!!

here we go!

Bear loooves posing for pictures, and trust me when I say this is just the beginning of his love affair. There are three different bladders on this dinghy (compartmentalized incase you snag a hole the entire thing won’t deflate) so one by one I pumped this baby up. It’s quite a work out, and the main reason I will leave this thing inflated at all times rather than blowing it up before use. I use this thing on a regular basis, and because it stays in the water I also have to clean the bottom on a regular basis. The growth after a week generally isn’t too bad though. And dog hair.

inflating the three bladders

One thing I realized soon after I got this is that the dogs are pretty comfortable in it! I trust Bear enough now so we don’t bring his life jacket anymore. He doesn’t seem to mind either way, really.

We now use SuperSonic II (It’s a “Seahawk” brand. I’m from Seattle. We lost our beloved basketball team years ago and I don’t think I will ever get over it) dinghy to do laundry, row over to visit people, or take a trip to the doggy park. It’s so much more convenient, it’s a nice workout, it gets us out on the water, and from what I’ve heard I’ve inspired other people to purchase the same dinghy or start using theirs more. Now we’re at the point to where people recognize us as “Oh, didn’t we just see you rowing?!”And when Bear doesn’t want to eat, he wants to go for a row (and jumps in all by himself: I usually hold the dinghy for them so that it won’t slip away as they jump in). Brave little toaster!

The main reason I got this dinghy was to be able to get to shore when anchoring out. Now we just need to anchor out somewhere and really have some fun!!!!!!


boat specific splurges

I’ve upgraded a couple of things on the boat, rather materialistic things and rather inexpensive. I anticipate they are going to make me feel comfortable in a “I’m so spoiled” kind of way. However, I have a rule: if I buy stuff, I also need to get rid of stuff. There’s also no room for clutter aboard this boat!!

The first upgrade is a Dry Lite towel, made for camping I would imagine. I bought the extra large because reviews said the large was too small. It was well worth the $32 because there’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to dry off with a damp towel. No matter what I did, my “house” towel was always damp. Always. Damp. In the winter, it’s dreadful! I tested the new and improved towel out this morning and it was already dry and ready to be folded up and stowed away by the time I was leaving the bathrooms. Such a good little towel. All this towel talk is reminding me of South Park…


My second upgrade was a heater. I tossed the old one several months ago because it was huge. I was tired of constantly moving it out of the way. It was an apartment space heater, so anything apartment doesn’t belong on a boat. I was at the fancy boat store to return two tubes of extra caulking from last weekends project (came out to $64!) so I decided along with my coupon I had received in the mail, that my time has come for a heater. I know, several months I’ve gone without a heater. It doesn’t bother me, really. I only shiver a little! Haha, just kidding. I sleep better when it’s cold, and in the winter I bring out the electric blanket (almost more amazing than my down comforter). I haven’t really had a need for it, but, in preparation for winter I guess I’ll start being prepared and stuff.


With the new purchases, I had to get rid of stuff even though the new items weren’t taking up much space. I kind of like cleaning house. There’s no more sweeping things under the carpet over here. I almost know where everything is at now a days and I feel the best way to really know is to raid a certain area and just throw away everything you haven’t touched in several months. So I got rid of several socks, shoes, bras, and dog grooming things that I haven’t even touched or needed in a very long time. OUT I SAY! It’s hard to think about, especially with stuff I had bought for no apparent reason. That $90 bra to wear with that skanky $160 dress that I wore once? WTF Rachel! There will never be a use for that over here. It’s time to let go of the useless (yet expensive) crap.


memorial day weekend sail (in video!)

I know.

“That was a few months ago, dude.”

I’m playing catch up, ok?! I have zero pictures of this day, but I happened to have two different sets of friends in town and wanted to take everyone sailing. I still am novice and have a lot to learn, but in any case my friend John shot an awesome video with his GoPro camera and I wanted to share.


zita goes schwimmin

People always ask me if the dogs ever fall into the water. Yes, they do. Mr. Bear has fallen in more than his little lady, but both have unintentionally gone swimming. This only seems to happen before work.

I felt too sorry for her to snap a pic while she was struggling to not drown (hates water, can’t swim) so I snapped a pic after I hosed her down and wrapped her up to keep her warm. I honestly don’t even know how she fell in, I just know that when I gave the OK to come onto the boat nobody came.. I called again and nothing, I poke my head out and hear splash splash splash!! Pobrecita!



alex’s birthday

Four boats and 16 or so people made it out to Ayala Cove at Angel Island this weekend for a neighbor’s birthday bbq bash. It was a nice smooth sail over in my neighbor Ken’s 1964 Cheoy Lee, and before I had even gotten onto the island I passed another neighbor who also sailed over but not part of our crew.

He and his friend were going to hike to the top of the island, and being that was something I’ve been wanting to do for ages I invited myself along. It was beautiful, and totally worth it even in the wrong shoes! We made it to the top of the island and back in 2 hours and some change. Six miles total. There was even food and beer left over when I got back down!! 🙂 🙂 Couldn’t have asked for more really.


amateur hour featuring: caulking

Oh god. If my boat has ever cried, it would be crying her eyes out right now. Like having chopped her bangs crooked, and everyone at school is going to laugh at her. I am so sorry my dear boat for using you as a guinea pig. I really hope I didn’t just make this mess for no good reason. I think the reason why I am taking on water while sailing is from old caulking having come out, leaving space for water to come in.

When I first moved aboard, it was December. It was raining. A lot. This translated to a lot of water collecting in the bilges on a daily basis. I had no idea what to do other than get on my hands and knees and get the water out of the bilges with a sponge and bucket, throwing the collected water overboard as I went to fetch more. This problem has been corrected from having re-caulked the top of a seam on the exterior of the boat. This seam is a metal and rubber seal that connects the deck to the hull. I didn’t realize that the bottom would need to be re-caulked as well, because rain comes from the sky and waves come from below. I hope it works, none the less.

I went and got some good old 5200 sealant, it’s marine grade and tough stuff. I’ve been told that once it is on it will never come off. I’ve also been asked if I even want it to come off? That’s a big fat no! Gimme the 5200 boys! Let’s get this party started.


So I’ve got my tools, I lined my dinghy with an old sheet, and I started with the more difficult side: the one opposite the dock. One hand with the caulking gun, one hand holding onto the boat so I wouldn’t float away. Oh good lord, there’s no pretty way to describe what I did. It was terrible! Amateur! Caulking dripping everywhere, gooping up in places it had no business being. I had not a clue as to what I was doing, only that I had all the right tools and had no idea how to make it neat and presentable. I would try to imagine someone telling me “just wipe it smooth, that’ll do it!” And that did not do it. That smeared it all over.


I kept on trekking along, neighbors passing by offering kind words of encouragement. “Hey, as long as its sealed that’s all that matters!” Phew! Ok. So not everyone is going to gather the whole dock while I’m gone at work and laugh at the royal crap job that I did. I eventually got the angle right, the amount that needed to come out right, and how to press the smoothing tool right. It was still pretty messy and pretty ugly.


As you can see, having the caulking in there makes a difference as far as closing up the gaps. I don’t know if this will fix the issue, but it’s a step closer in the right direction. Now that I have caulking all over, I’m going to clean up and make some dinner… Ha! That’s something I’ve got down.


sailors notes

Came home to this note on a Cruisers World magazine. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend!