good morning, moon

Since I’ve flipped the boat around, I’ve been waking up to the brightness of the moon beaming into my see-through hatch. I like it. It’s almost as if the moon is peaking in to say “oh, hi herro!”

In other news, I read a great article this morning on pretty much everything I’ve been working on this past year, go ahead and read it if you haven’t seen it already! Haven’t we all had flat abs and fabulous sex at some point? Yes, there actually is more to life. Making these changes isn’t easy, but it is by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done. A simple life is a happy life.


americas cup @ the office

Alas, it was the last America’s Cup race. Kiwis and USA tied, this race determines who the winner is. It was almost too windy. “Is the race still happening?” I asked my older, more knowing co-workers. “Oh yes, the wind is between 18-20 knots” they’d reply. One by one we slowly start to fill the large conference room where the ultra-giant tv lives. The wall of windows in this room looks out directly to the race course, except for a big hotel in the way. Blast. Here’s the skipper of team USA (of course, he’s not American). Calm as a cucumber through out the entire race. I mean really, they had a couple of moments where they buried the hull in the water, or turned a corner making it look as if the boat was going to capsize.. but nbd. Just racing a huge expensive boat.


The start was really close, and as that’s the most important part of the race it seems! Of course there are plenty of other places to mess up, but it’s crucial to get started right.


Between people asking questions (“What’s that line mean? What’s he doing? Oh my god they’re going to die!”) and chants when something went well, it was pretty cool to be watching this race, right here in the bay, with my co-workers.



early (or late?) rain

It rained on Saturday. A lot. The 10% chance of sprinkles turned out to be a 2 hour torrential downpour. I had friends in town and it of course not only forced us to find other activities (everything is happening outdoors this time of year!) but it gave me a quick glimpse into what I need to re-bed. Leaks were present! Perhaps it’s always been covered by my tarp in the winters? Not sure, but there were two things in particular that were letting in quite a bit of rain. No bueno, but glad I know now before it starts raining every day and never dries up long enough for me to re-bed said leak. I’ll add that to my to-do-list!

While we rearranged plans and tried to get some sight seeing in, we came across America’s Cup Village and took a look around. Very swanky, I must say! We were about to check out the race, but due to weather it had to be postponed until the following day.



adventures progressions

a weekend in pictures

Too much stuff happened this weekend, I’d rather not bore you with the details and instead I will show you in pictures! Ok, and some detail too.

First things first: Since I’ve been trying to train Zita, I no longer let them onto the boat before I get aboard. Thankfully, I found another advantage to doing this! Check out this lovely beast that was hiding in the cockpit upon my return from running errands!


I called animal control of course, sadly the thing was badly injured and was hobbling around on three legs. They had been chasing him for two months and finally caught him this time 🙁

This happened as I came back from a run to the store for some parts. Get this: I not only removed, but I also fixed and reinstalled the manual bilge pump all by myself! Woot woot! I took it apart fairly easily, wasn’t sure what was wrong with it other than it wasn’t working. Taking it into my favorite store (I also used to work there part time) they helped me find a bolt to replace the one that broke off and showed me what it’s supposed to look like. I cleaned it off, reinstalled it, ran fresh water and bilge cleaner through it, and voila! It works again. The bilge is where all the water collects (rain water or sea water while sailing) and the pump is what allows you to remove the water from the boat.




The last picture shows the new bolt. Wahoo! That was exciting! I really wanted to get that done before hand because I was planning on taking the boat out for a raft up over at Treasure Island. Since I have somewhat diagnosed the water leak issue, I felt comfortable taking the boat out with the bilge pump working.

I inherited a fridge from my neighbor and wanted to find an easy place to put it. It would fit under the table if I just moved the leg over a few inches. So, I did!



My friend Peter came over to help me sail over to the raft up and I have to admit: it was a beautiful sail and it was also a little wild. The sun was about to set and thats one of my favorite times to sail. The wind was coming from the south west instead of its usual west so we had to try a few things to get out of the marina and get on the right tack. After the sun went down, I forgot about the crossing the area where the huge container ships along with the respective giant mooring balls (sans lights) live. I have terrible night vision, so thankfully Peter was on the lookout and alerted me whenever he saw anything. We came up to the raft up just fine, 11 boats in all, and we came in under full sail! I had just enough time to say “hi!” to people I knew. I took the kiddos to shore for a potty break, and in doing so I decided to check out the beautiful new Bay Bridge, all $6.4 billion of it. It’s beautiful at night and just a quick row over from where we anchored.


When I rowed back there was a movie playing on a raised sail. Say whaaaa?!


I got to meet quite a few cool people and it was all thanks to my kiddos. I guess its normal for me to row around with the dogs, but when people at the raft up saw us they loved it and asked all kinds of questions. Like “can I take your guys’ picture?!” I know, it’s blurry.


The next morning I finally got to see the raft up in daylight. And this trampoline on the water that everyone was talking about. And the dragon boat races whose chants I could clearly hear. I don’t know what it is, I really love waking up at anchor in such a beautiful place!



A new friend, Eric, was going to be heading out to the other side of Treasure Island to watch the Americas Cup race with Alex. I invited myself along, because that’s just how I roll. So glad I got to go, look how beautiful it was, how close we were, and we actually saw a race that the US won! I guess the Kiwis almost tipped over!!! We could see that something went wrong, and it was soo exhilarating being on the water witnessing this unfold right before us. It. Was. Amazing!





We returned to the raft up on a high, I knew not much could top that so I took a nap. Eventually people started breaking away to head home and it was interesting to see how to let one boat out of the raft up without completely losing the other boats. We did about four in a row, and got better at it as time went on. The sail back to Berkeley was pretty rough wind wise, so we sailed back on the main sail only. It was more comfortable that way. Speaking of Berkeley, I also had a sighting of Fortune, a boat whose owner I was friends with at one point. He had to go back to New Zealand, so here his boat lies.


We were able to sail out of the raft up as well as sail back into the slip without using the motor! My kind of sailing right there!!! Aaand last but not least there was a BBQ for my neighbor Ted who is leaving to a different marina. Sad face!! I’ll get over it, but here’s a picture of his 15 year old Ti-bug. I had just enough time to wash the boat and dinghy off, vacuum up the sand, and put everything back in its place. I am going to have a hard time keeping the guys here in place without Ted and Ti. Bon voyage!



america’s cup race day

It’s just past lunch time here at the office and the Americas Cup race just started. I think the US is still at a -1 from their penalties, so with New Zealand’s wins they are ahead by 4. I could be totally wrong on that. Actually, I probably am wrong. I just know that the US really needs to win, and so far they’re not. They just lost the first race of today, we’ll see how they do forte second.

Here we are, enjoying this from the office TV. Most of us have no clue what’s going on. There are a few sailors in the office helping explain all of this stuff. It’s pretty interesting. I could even see the 13 story main sails from the office! There monsters.



bla-bla-bla progressions

america’s cup & my closet

I had a three in one morning as I like to call them: laundry, dog park, shower. As in, by the time my laundry was done, I had also taken the dogs to the park and had a shower (and gone thru my storage unit). I finally found that last box of mystery mail from probably two years ago. More crapola to get through, but it feels good to be a wee bit more organized.

On the way back from laundry I was invited to the yacht club to watch the Americas Cup race between the US and New Zealand. Because team USA had been caught being naughty, they’re down four crew members. Their wing also got ruined in the first race, not sure how or what happened but they didn’t have the best run today. There’s more racing tomorrow, you never know, they could come back!


After running more errands, I did more re-organizing. For the last and final time, my closet has been gone trough yet again. And now, all of the clothing I own (even my new foulies!) are in the same place, hung up neatly in the locker. Another box of clothing and old mail, gone gone gone!



too much stuff

Rent went up a couple of months ago here. It was all of a $14 increase. Even so, I want to keep my monthly rent below a certain number and this pushed it over the limit. What does that mean? I need to get rid of my $25/mo storage unit. All 2X2 of it. It’s here at the marina so it has been convenient, however, I’m paying $350/year to store stuff I don’t need which just doesn’t make sense. I can see why sailors are simple people because oh my god does it suck not having room for things you actually need!


I haven’t even gone into this unit for anything other than the seldom “crap, where’s my passport?!”, so obviously that means its time to go through it and purge! It’s on the way to the dog park so my rule will be that I can not empty any more contents if I have crap laying out in the boat. Away, I say! I have a box for military stuff, a box for school stuff, a box of photos (seriously!) and another box of memories and junk. Most of my school work is on my laptop, there’s only one form I need to prove I was honorably discharged from the military, I’m sure I can get rid of a lot of those memory items, and we all know there is no room for junk. I’d like to see just how much of this stuff can go away.

Today I sifted through some old clothing and more than half went to the trash. I also grabbed a box of stuff that I’ve been meaning to take into the office. Blank CD’s.. Who uses those anymore? Dimmer switches for the home? Please.


I loaded up the clothes and office supplies onto the dinghy and away we rowed. I’ve already got stuff in a box to take to work and the clothes ready to be washed… So I guess that means I can grab another handful the next time we make it to the doggie park! I hope to completely empty the storage unit by the end of the month. Crossing my fingers!