an extended family

In my preparing to take the boat out for her first test sail since I did what I HOPE was the sealing of the last leak, I’ve got a few projects that I am still trying to finish. Between work and other commitments, I find that I hardly have much downtime. When a neighbor invited me to dinner at his daughters house up the street, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Those pesky projects could certainly wait, it wasn’t every day that I could meet my neighbors daughter and her husband/kids that I always hear about. Dinner was delicious, my neighbors daughter and husband are delightful as are their three kids. It makes me feel at home when things like this come up 🙂


saturday morning surprise

I was rowing the dogs over to the park this weekend when I noticed something was a little off… Ok maybe a lot off. I saw a mast. I saw the sanding rigging. What I didn’t see was the rest of the boat.

We’ve been having crazy weather lately: first it rained several inches for a couple of days, which I don’t think that has happened in several months. After that we had gale force winds for two days (or really long and loud evenings at least). I had a feeling that might have had something to do with what I was looking at, but I am no expert and have no idea what could have happened.

20131124-214313.jpg I rowed a little closer to get a better look (truth be told: I actually rowed back to my boat so that I could get my phone o take pictures because I knew there was no way it would be under for very long).

20131124-214855.jpg My heart breaks for the owner as I can see this boats same fixings on his boat as what I’ve got on mine. A boat is like a marriage, many people put a lot of time and energy into maintaining them. It was going to be a loss, without a doubt. Materialistically speaking, and figuratively speaking. I rowed by a few times more through out the day and saw a slow progression of how a diver and another person on the dock were able to get the boat out of the water, with the owner present of course.

20131124-215308.jpg Here you can see the transom sticking out and the white tarp covering the boom starting to emerge. Apparently what happens is that the keel gets stuck in the mud after sinking and when the water is being pumped out of the boat from below the transom tends to pop up first.

20131124-220408.jpg Lastly the two guys getting this boat upright inflated these huge yellow buoys to keep the boat upright. The diver was patching areas below with underwater epoxy, and later the guys told me that in the gale force winds a plank had come loose (that was already causing a leak requiring the bilge pump to come on regularly) that caused the boat to sink. It was troublesome watching the owner collect his things off of the boat as the guys were working away trying to keep it afloat. Every once in a while he would pause and seem to be lost in his thoughts, a somber look across his face. I bet it was a surprise to him when he got the phone call letting him know that his boat was underwater.

It’s being sent off to the marine center tomorrow to be scrapped 🙁


pure glamour

I’ve gotten a LOT of boat work done recently. Many thanks to my friend Steve who is always reliable and able to lend a helping hand! I finally finished caulking the bolts that I think were allowing water to come in when on a down wind starboard tack. Test sail this weekend hopefully!

I also made a lot of progress on other random projects like putting another coat of varnish on the wood, fixing the bilge pump (oh man that was a pain!!!!), allllmost finishing Zita’s crate aka cage of happiness.

A nice little storm came through and poured a few inches of rain down. Chaos! I forgot what that was like. It’s only rained for a couple of hours since the end of last winter. Raining for a couple of days is much more intense. Water everywhere. In my many projects from last weekend I noticed a leak. I called my helper Jay who had helped me fix a few things down in the bilge a while back to inspect what was going on. Because its so dark now I had to come home on my lunch break (so glad I am able to do this!).

Because I hadn’t gotten my bilge pump working, I was forced to clear out the water by hand kind of like how I did when I first moved aboard and didn’t know better. I could have gone for the shop vac, but I didn’t want to dig it out to be honest. Here are some glamour shots of what I’ve been up to..







chasing summer

Probably a year and a half ago I met a guy named Shawn in the laundry room here at the marina. I hadn’t seen him before, but I think I had just become an official liveaboard so there were still a lot of people I didn’t know. Of course I had my dogs in tow, and he noticed how curious and “helpful” they were. We got to talking about how we ended up at living on boats (everyone’s got a story!) and what do you know, he had zero experience like myself.

Even crazier, he bought the boat on eBay from Taiwan. The boat was in Oakland, so he moved here to work on the boat. Being that he knew nothing about boats, he sure did get a good make and model (although I don’t remember what kind it is to be honest!). I remember going with him sailing when it was his first time being in charge, having taken the boat out 20-30 times but always with more knowledgeable crew.

I remember meeting his sweet wife Silvia on David’s boat one afternoon after returning from a trip.

I remember seeing them off in Clipper Cove on one of the raft ups when crabbing season had just started and many a crab were caught and eaten. I had just been let go from my job, so I hung out for a few more days. What else was I going to do? Relaxing was in order! Here we are having dinner on our friend Geoff’s boat, I didn’t even realize they were about to take off on their voyage! There I was sulking because I had lost my job, and they were about to take off on their first voyage down the west coast. I’ve been following them ever since and it’s been fun to watch their GPS tracker, hear about how the winds have been on ocean crossing legs of their trip, wildlife, etc. 305641_4877792545194_1800231370_n

They have the kinds of stories I can’t wait to have. Run ins with immigration (yes, I’m crazy), arriving to a country without the correct currency, they’ve survived a few typhoons now, huge waves they thought was going to capsize the boat, etc. I am incredibly inspired by this couple who has found a way to make their dreams come true. I remember asking him when I first met him why he wanted to live on a boat if he had no prior experience. It was because he hated cold weather. He wanted to chase summer.