a whale of a time


It’s been a minute since I have done anything new/fun. It’s been yet another hellish month and I decided to do something fun before my (hopefully) last surgery next week. I have been to my boat and to friends boats, but I haven’t been on a moving/working boat since you-know-when. I’ve declined all offers to go sailing, although I probably shouldn’t. I’m just scrrd.

Apparently there is something good in the waters near the third largest submarine canyon (Monterey Bay), and for 6 weeks the biologists have seen more activity than they’ve ever seen. Admittedly, they don’t know what the party is all about. I’d previously only seen a whale off the Santa Cruz coast and only saw the spray, which can hardly be counted as a whale sighting.


I have forgotten how to use my fancy camera, so I can’t say I got many good action shots of them breaching, but there were probably 40 something whales all feasting in the same area which was pretty wild. A couple of pictures (below) showed how at the right angle the spray would be all rainbow like (gay whales are welcome here!) which was pretty neat. Out of nowhere around 600 dolphins came rushing through the 40+ humpback whales that were feeding in a frenzy themselves. Its serious business, this place.

This guy did a handstand for us
Normal Whale Spray



Every time a whale’s back surfaced, people would exclaim “come on, give us some tail!” They delivered, sometimes. What was so special about this “event” (past 6 weeks) is generally humpback whales are in pods that consist of their own family. They generally do not get close to other pods even if to feed, but this food is so good they aren’t bothered being close to other pods. Also, 95% of the sea lion population here right now is male. The females are down south where it is warmer, because they’re smart ;). Eventually the males will migrate south and make lots o’ babies with lots o’ female sea lions.

Also, while it looks like breaching whales is a playful behavior, it actually means they’re angry. There could be many reasons for this, but there were lots of angry and playful whales out there!