Hello! My name is Rachel. I am the owner of Coconut, and the mama to the two fur babies on board. To make a really long story short, I bought the first sailboat I ever stepped aboard because I desperately needed somewhere to live. Housing in San Francisco isn’t easy, let alone with two dogs. Boat life was supposed to be temporary until I could pay down my debt and move back onto land, but within 6 months I didn’t want to anymore.

I wanted to learn how to sail, and learn how to fix up my first boat (where this blog began). I learned some people travel on their boats permamently, and for several years I tried to figure out how I could make that happen for us. Lucky me, the stars aligned and here we are! After a lot of hard work, I’ve been cruising for one year now and living aboard for 7.


Bear: My first and favorite son, he does not know you but he loves you. He is a real lap dog, and it will take him less than two minutes to end up in yours if you don’t stop him. He is 13 years old now. The only thing he dislikes are puppies. He has always been a really good boy. He likes his really long walkies around town, scritches, belly rubs, zoomies in the park, cuddling, cuddling even more, cuddling again, and the wind in his hair when we are sailing. He is an American Eskimo. I got him when he was 4 months old from a family whose son was highly allergic to him. The son named him “Polar Bear” which I thought was really cute.


Zita: My first and favorite daughter, she does not know you but she hates you. I tell people they need to ignore her, yet few listen. If she sniffs you, she thinks you are offering her food. She gets very offended when people try to touch her because she is my security guard and I am her Fearless Leader. She takes her job very seriously, making rounds up on deck to make sure everything is safe and secure and letting me know any time she hears a noise. She loves to fetch, belly rubs, and squeaking squeaky toys. She is also 13 years old, and oddly enough she still likes playing with puppies. She is a toy American Eskimo, which is why she is smaller than Bear. I got her when she was 6 months old, she was the last of the litter. Her full name is Spazita. Spaz-ita. Little Spaz.