Meet Coconut's Crew!


Captain, "the little one"

Coconut’s protector. Mischevious, curious, spunky, has a lot of -ism’s, prefers to hide and observe over interacting. Will hear her before you see her. Loves sailing, inspecting the boat, and sniffing the air when we get closer to shore. 


Co-Captain, "the lady with the white dogs"

Introvert, fiercely independent, creative problem solver, loves the freedom and challenges of solo sailing. Leaves her boat to have adventures on other boats, wants to sail everywhere she can, but is not sold on circumnavigating. 


First Mate, "the big one"

Calm, cool, and collected moral support of the crew. Needs somewhere to rest his chin and some cuddles to understand his place in the world. Lives for shore excursions and making new friends! Has the most friends of all on board. 

I can't tell you how much I admire your journey - seriously. Not as a spiritualist, not as a money rich the poor wanderer, but because I nearly bought a boat here in the UK and I have followed you your whole trip. Sadly things didn't work out for me but please know that I'm not sure I could ever have put myself out there in the way you have, despite being the person that my compadres look to as the one 'that does it.'

–, Instagram