all growed up

I recently got my very first bonus at work. It was much bigger than expected. Sadly, my inner child had to be locked up and my inner grown up came out and put alllll that nice monay into paying off a loan. My inner child wants to visit foreign lands and swim in warm waters. My inner child wants to say “screw it I’ve worked too hard, I deserve this!!!” Well, I no longer believe in deserving things. Life isn’t about handing you exactly what you want, that would be way too easy and way too boring. That didn’t stop me entirely though. I complained to my friend about how sucky it is to be all responsible and stuff. She told me that one day I was going to have a huge house because of how hard I am working to get my debt paid off….

“Big boat,” I corrected her, “I’m going to have a big boat one day.”

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