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america’s cup & my closet

I had a three in one morning as I like to call them: laundry, dog park, shower. As in, by the time my laundry was done, I had also taken the dogs to the park and had a shower (and gone thru my storage unit). I finally found that last box of mystery mail from probably two years ago. More crapola to get through, but it feels good to be a wee bit more organized.

On the way back from laundry I was invited to the yacht club to watch the Americas Cup race between the US and New Zealand. Because team USA had been caught being naughty, they’re down four crew members. Their wing also got ruined in the first race, not sure how or what happened but they didn’t have the best run today. There’s more racing tomorrow, you never know, they could come back!


After running more errands, I did more re-organizing. For the last and final time, my closet has been gone trough yet again. And now, all of the clothing I own (even my new foulies!) are in the same place, hung up neatly in the locker. Another box of clothing and old mail, gone gone gone!


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