Name: Benito (Little Blessing)

Birthday: April 7, 2020 (?)

Nicknames: Benito, Benito Benito Juarez, Benny

Background: Zita and I were terribly lonely missing our baby Bear. Zita is not a cuddly girl, and I was missing that. My friend Behan and her daughter Siobhan and I had been volunteering at a local shelter when one day she texted me a photo of this little boy. I asked who he was, and she said after coming out of anesthesia (it’s a free spay and neuter clinic!) he was licking everyone around him making sure everyone was okay. She thought I might like him! She knew I was looking for a 2 year old tiny pup.

I saw him briefly as they loaded him into the truck to go back to the shelter, but it took me a few days to be able to make it out to see him. I asked if I could take him home for a week to see how he does with the Old Lady Zita, they sent me home with food and some meds he was on and off we went. He is clearly house trained, jumped right up onto my bed, but like most Mexican dogs he must have spent his whole life inside a gated yard. He didn’t know what stairs were, hadn’t ever been in a car, the noise of the train scared him so much he’d run out of bed trying to escape, etc. I was told he was picked up on the streets of Mexicali with a female dog who had already been adopted.

He has learned some basic commands very quickly which I’m happy about, and he definitely has some Zita-isms in him which I am hoping we can conquer (separation anxiety). He loves all people, kids, etc. He may bark furiously at first, but will then give kisses and wag his tail. He went from probably one home and one backyard to a crazy lady who constantly takes road trips, goes on walks to the beach, has friends stop by, is doing construction, etc. There’s a lot to take in and it will take some time to get him de-sensitized.

He has come to terms with the fact that Zita is old and doesn’t want to play with him, mostly. He likes bones, sticks, crunchy leaves, fetching, cuddles, giving mouth kisses (we’re working on this – this is a hard no for me), chiming in when all the other dogs are barking, burrowing in a blanket, getting under the sheets (he’ll stay there all night!), and is always down to cuddle. We’re happy to have Benito with us and I’m hoping once we move aboard he’ll adjust as well as my old pups did.