boat search updates!

I’m getting warmer in selecting my next boat. I’m still struggling with the “do I get one I can just move aboard and not sail? I am about to lose my sanity and sanity needs to be restored” and the “No, I should really get something that can┬ásail. How am I going to go to the raft ups? I need to go to the raft ups.” I’m still talking to as many people as I can, which is great because then people I haven’t seen in months hear I’m looking for a boat and they know of someone and relay the message. One of my former neighbors is selling his beautiful 32′ Challenger. He did some really amazing wood work down below, installed a fixed butcher block for the counter top, and a copper sink to boot! He lived on it for several years, so of course it’s ready for me to move aboard. She does need a haul out, new sails, new rigging, fresh deck paint, etc. I swore I wouldn’t take on a project boat, but I know how much Scott has put into this boat and it wouldn’t be a bad boat to live on and cruise on. Not without a lot of work first.

There’s also an Islander 30′ and Catalina 30′ that I’m looking at that have been on Craigslist and Latitude 38. Two great boats, one is considered more sea worthy than the other, but both a huge step up from what I’ve got right now.

The Islander 30 apparently has new rigging and sails, new deck paint, new vinyl cushions and a newly refinished teak holly sole. It looks great, but it’s missing an engine. I haven’t seen this one in person yet, so I’ve learned that sometimes people did work 10 years ago and they consider that new. I have a sailor friend who is a fan of electric motors and could easily install one, so it’s could be a positive┬áthat there’s nothing in there now.

The Catalina 30′ is in great shape, it’s a 1980 and has only had two owners. It’s had minimal upgrades, but good ones at that. Not a lot of junk on the deck, the paint job is still good, the sails and rigging are in decent/good shape, etc. The major problem with that one is that the engine isn’t working. It’s a diesel engine, the previous owner removed the gasoline engine and installed the Yanmar. It looks to be in great shape, there’s no paint chips anywhere and the hoses are nice and clean. It started having an issue, so the owner took it to a really well known boat yard. In their care it stopped working completely, and then some more stuff happened (you can tell I really know a lot about engines!) and now they want another couple of grand to fix it. Since this recently happened, I’m trying to get the owner to sort it out with the boat yard. I don’t want to inherit problems that could easily be fixed through the right channels, so that’s in the works right now.

What boat I’ll end up in, I have no idea. I’m excited to get a new home! I’m excited for moving forward in life, and to new adventures! I am thankful that so many people are helping me along the way (I’ve lost count but probably about 50 people are helping me in this search right now, as all have expertise in different areas).

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