Nothing makes me feel as good about all the work I’ve done to my boat as going to see another boat. I’d heard about an S2 9.2 Center Cockpit on a friends’ dock at another marina. I contacted the owner and asked if I could take a look, which he agreed to. Boy oh boy, I’m so glad I took a look. That boat was totally ew. You know, from Jimmy Fallon’s show where he dresses up as a 14 year old girl and sits down with celebrities, also dressed up as teenage girls, to talk about all the ew in the world like potato chips and lip gloss. I apologize for the blurry pictures, I got a new phone and I can’t quite figure out why the camera won’t focus…

I was only aboard for a few minutes, but let’s talk about all the ew this boat had.

My first glance inside the cabin from the cockpit I could see that there was quite a bit of water damage. The owner seemed a little aloof and didn’t even say anything about the water damage until asked. It was sooooo obvious. I’d never physically seen a boat in such bad condition. The teak sole (cabin floor) was bare wood, and you could see where the varnish had collected from peeling away. That doesn’t happen from water coming aboard and being evacuated of in a timely manner. It happens most likely from being left like that for quite some time.

The smell was overwhelmingly gassy– as in gasoline. Obviously gas had spread through out the boat. My friend/Uncle/former boss man stopped by for a quick second to take a look and he asked pretty specific questions like “how far did the water come up inside? Did the engine freeze after having all that water aboard?” It almost seemed like Uncle Tom was talking to a kindergartener who couldn’t admit they’d done something wrong. The owner was evasive and not answering the questions, rather he’d change the subject and Uncle T would try to bring him back to the subject to where he’d cave in and say things like “No, the engine doesn’t work anymore.”

There was also mold everywhere. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE… the cushions, the millwork, the carpeting, you name it.

The pictures I had seen of this aft cabin looked so comfy and welcoming. This was the exact opposite of what I was imagining.


Ew. So grody. I have done so much work to my boat I am adamant about not having another project boat. I always sigh in relief that all the work these boats I have looked at need. I come home to my 26′ paradise and everything is not only in its place but functioning (or at least I knlw what is not working). No surprises over here! I’m happy with what I’ve got for now even though it’s not much 🙂

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