I get asked many of the same questions, so I’ve compiled them here. I don’t often talk about my past traumas but I have written about them. I feel its important to give a bigger picture of my journey in hopes someone may be looking for inspiration to pursue an interest when they weren’t necessarily given the skills to succeed in life. 

How old are all of you?

I am 37, Bear and Zita are 14, and Coconut is 44. 

How can you afford this?

While I detest this label, I’m a disabled veteran and am able to survive off my pension. 

Where are you headed?

I have no clue! South, and at some point either east or west? I’m in no rush. My dogs are also 14 years old now and I do not want to put them through a rough passage. I don’t want to leave them behind, either. 

How did you learn how to sail?

My dock neighbors! I bought a boat and then started to learn how to sail. I’ve not taken any formal sailing courses, I’m more of a hands on person and went out on as many boats as I could. Beer can races, multi week regattas, weekend day sails, anchor outs, I learned a lot my first couple years of sailing.  

Are you looking for crew?

No, and if I need crew I have friends I trust to come along with me.   

How do you get your mail?

I have a digital PO box that scans my mail for me. They can forward something to me if needed, but I spent months getting rid of spam mail and really only get what I need.   

How did you learn how to do all these projects?

YouTube! Google! Other people’s blogs! There will be someone with a similar boat problem as you who has written a post about it or uploaded a video. Even if it’s not quite the same, after enough hours of watching SailLife I got more confidence to tackle projects.   

What does your family think of what you're doing?

I’ve been estranged from my family for quite some time, I’ve written about it here if you are curious about it. My friends, although they’re not sailors, are incredibly supportive which means a lot to me! 

What did you do in the military?

I did medical logistics. My service is another thing I don’t like talking about but wrote about here and did a podcast which you can listen to here. 

How do the dogs like the boat?

I get so many questions about this, I’ve dedicated several posts to them that you can check out here. 

What's it like in the winter time?

I was asked this more when I lived in San Francisco, but yes it’s cold and wet. I time the dog walks for when there’s a lul in the rain. I rarely use my space heater, and preferred an electric blanket. It’s incredibly cozy and charming should your boat not have any leaks over your bed 🙂 

Do you feel safe?

Most of the time, yes. I have never had anything stolen at a marina, and overall find them to be very safe environments. As long as your dock neighbors are actively sailing their boats or legitimately working on them, you’re probably in good company. Learning boundaries was important, especially when random men invite themselves over to my boat for no reason. Be difficult and people won’t want to bother you.