gettin’ hitched!

Seven years ago I was frantically riding my bike down to the Berkeley Marina to look at a boat to buy. I never made it that day, because a car suddenly started backing up towards me on a backstreet. I slammed on my breaks and went over the handle bars, oops! I don’t even remember the pain, so it must not have been that bad, but I did know for some reason to pull up my left wrist to see what was going on. I saw it flopping about with a big protrusion on the top. My bone was dislocated and fractured. It was the first surgery I’d ever had (other than wisdom teeth) and I was totally freaked out. The Dr’s and nurses were awesome and I still remember thinking I was going to die until they reminded me I was the youngest and healthiest patient they’d seen in a while (I had the surgery at the VA). I have a metal plate in there now and generally have no issues, unless I’m doing push ups, which honestly is like all the time…… HAHA ya right!

Some people have confused it for a suicide attempt scar, although most people don’t seem to notice it. I just think it’s funny to look back and see the 28 year old me trying desperately to make San Francisco work. Moving onto a tiny boat I knew nothing about being my last ditch effort, no matter how everyone thought I was nuts or just talking about it like it was going to happen but not really. It was either that, or end up in a cardboard box under the highway! I think I made the right choice.

Since it’s now been seven years, I think boat life and I are pretty much common law married. In all this time, I’ve only not lived on the boat for six months or so after my hand injury. The rest of the time has been living in the construction zone, learning about myself, life, my surroundings, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I had a tattoo artist turn my scar into a white anchor, free-handed. Just like my entire journey thus far.

Happy Anniversary Boat Life!

PS. This isn’t the actual tattoo, it was just a sketch. It is still healing!


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