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“Hey, do you want to go backpacking for a few days next week? School doesn’t start until the week after and I really want to get a trip in before hand” my friend Leann asked me as we were hanging out on a neighbors boat. What a coincidence! I had been avoiding boat work for about a week and wasn’t really sure what to do with myself. We hiked 30+ miles in three days, and the next week we went back to Big Sur to hike 20 more (and were four ladies instead of two).

It’s a 3.5 hour drive to Big Sur and we were trying to get to Sykes Springs. During the storms late last year there were a couple of rock slides, so the trail is only open on the back end (i.e.: an extra hour of driving time in the backwoods). We got to China Camp (in Los Padres National Forest, not San Rafael) at 10:30 pm I believe. We parked and went in search of the hiking trail, headlamps and all. Well, we got a little turned off when we found the trail and it had a sign saying the trail was impassable at a certain point. A couple of us weren’t comfortable proceeding, so we set up camp and slept at China Camp for the night. In the morning we felt more comfortable and set off for a long arse hike.

We only made it 10 miles to the Redwood Campsite, but it was a really long trek just to get there. I guess I’m just so used to doing things on my own, I have a hard time going at other people’s pace if they’re vastly different from mine. I’m a fast walker, so I tend to be a fast hiker. Leann and I are at the same pace, but as a group it was tough to stick together. We weren’t able to make it to the springs, which was a bummer, but it was still drop dead gorgeous and a great hike! Also, the ban on campfires was lifted so that was really nice warming up by the fire at night.

The only other thing I would have changed is bringing a tick key with us. When I’d gone to Big Sur the first time, the dogs picked up fleas like nobodies business. This time, little Miss Z had ticks all. over. her. Bear stayed with his Uncle (dog sitter), he’s having hip issues 🙁

Z did the 20 mile hike like it was nothing, and I’m beginning to think hiking might be her “thing”. Bear is a lover, Zita is a hiker. She and her boyfriend for the weekend, Jack (J-Z as I called them) had a lot of fun staying right at my heels almost the entire time. Who could get closest? Oops, just ran into her heel. Too close. Wait, gotta get clooosseerrrwhack.



11 pm finish time. 50 miles hiked in a weeks’ time. My knee and hip still hurt. Getting old sucks.

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