I’ll be honest, one of my least favorite things about this marina is the amount of homeless or sketchy people hanging around. I know which areas to stay away from by now, but my tactics are not entirely hobo-proof.

A neighbor beat me into the shower this morning so I went to another dock known as the hobo bathroom. It’s open to the public, but the showers require a key for access. As I was showering, a homeless lady came in to the bathroom. At first I thought she was puking, then I thought she was possibly giving birth. The noises went on for sooo long. I could tell something was up, so instead of using the mirrors outside the shower to get ready, I got ready inside the shower area. As I left, I was surprised to see that there was no blood/puke/diarrhea/new born baby to be seen. Just an older homeless lady, unsure of what I would say when she asked me to hold open the door for her. I didn’t even hesitate when I said “no”, and she proceeded to call me a bunch of nasty names. Yep, I really am a bitch aren’t I? Apparently she “just get out of the hospital”. I mean, really.

It amazes me that there are so many people who won’t work for shit, yet demand access to your own personal spaces. And this is just another day in the neighborhood!┬áThe photo below is the least weird thing I’ve seen in the hobo bathroom.


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We’ve never had straight-up hobos wandering around, but we had trouble at our old marina with people squatting on vacant boats or supposedly making deals with the owners to “fix it up” while they stayed on it for free. It always resulted in drama, thefts around the marina, and the occasional police intervention or drug bust. When the lock on the ladies restroom stopped working, it was time to get out of there.

There was the squatting type too, but that was the excuse people used as being sneakaboards. it was impossible to tell the difference between a salty sailor and an escaped patient from the looney bin. I never had anything get stolen, but I got stalked and insane-outburst-yelled-at several times. if you’re around crazy you’ll turn into crazy, I had to get out of there!

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