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i fixed something!

I can’t believe it! I fixed something by myself. Well, not really by myself but kinda-sorta by myself. My helper had hooked up the propane stove before he left a couple of weeks ago, but none of the burners were working properly. One burner wouldn’t come on at all, another would come on but with the safety feature of the stove as soon as you let go of the nob the flame disappeared. The other one came on and stayed on, but only at a simmer. I’d been told to look for thermocoupings, as they most likely needed to be replaced. I went right to my favorite boat store, Svendsens, but they didn’t have anything similar. I tried West Marine also, but they didn’t have anything either. I went to YouTube and tried to find videos of thermocoupling replacement, and 100% of what I found was for replacing the thermocouple on a home furnace. So not even the same game, people!

Since I struck out everywhere, I tried asking my buddies here in the Bay Area if they knew what to do. Someone recommended to call Sure Marine in Seattle. My goodness! The guy on the phone knew exactly what questions to ask. It started with the type of stove (Force 10), then with the type of nobs it had, then with the type of burner (does it have a bunch of little holes or does it have sticks?). From that he could tell the stove was pretty old. “Pre-1989” he called it. I described what was going on with the burners and basically he told me what part to remove, he told me how to remove it and told me things I’d have to be careful not to do (don’t drop the piece, make sure to put tape on your tool so that it will cling to it). He told me how to clean the pieces and voila, a few hours later I have a functioning stove! OK, only two of the three burners work really. The third piece I’m having a hard time going back in but I’m sure if it were in there it would work! I let out a huge scream, and then I danced for a little bit! Woohoo! SAM_4578



I’m still tackling the water tanks, but I’m making progress. So far the least invasive plan for ensuring all the leaks are fixed is to rip up the floor and make it into a hatch (sad face!) and create a new access port in the middle of the water tank. There’s access ports on each end, but there’s about 2′ of tank in between baffles that I can’t get to. More on that later!

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