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i’m still here :(

I know, sucks to be stuck in Hawaii. Poor me. Well, when you have mentally prepared yourself for something like an ocean crossing and you find yourself twiddling your thumbs at the yacht club day after day, you just start getting antsy and ready to leave. I don’t blame the captain for not wanting to sail the boat with so much water coming in thru the rudder post,  I am glad we replaced the main and had the engine looked at. The problem now is that the boat needs to be pulled out of the water. There is no haul out center near here, its a 6 hour sail south towards Honolulu. From there, the marine center doesn’t have room for us, and depending on how quickly they can address the rudder post issue it sounds like the crew will end up flying back to the mainland and fly back when the boat is ready.

In all honesty, I don’t want to fly home. I want to sail back. That’s why I bought all the gear I got… Every day more and more boats head back and if I wait to long I will be standed. Now I am in a though spot because I can find a boat to crew back on now, but they’re leaving soon, like tomorrow.

I hate to be a disappointment and have to bail on this boat, but I can’t stick around forever.

In no particular order, below you can see the corrosion on the heat exchanger (caused the engine to overheat on our way back to the marina). We were headed back to the marina because the mainsail ripped, beyond repair (main pic!). The last photo is of the leaky rudder post. We have two 35 gallon barrels of diesel in the cockpit that is causing part of this post to be below the water line, and lots of water was coming in during our sail. We made it 20 miles past the sea buoy and had to turn around. Bummer!

Hopefully I will be on a crew soon heading out into the big beautiful ocean!!!



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