buying land and building tiny homes

I’ve got big plans, y’all. My dogs are old and I’m feeling more and more uneasy about cruising long distances with them. Sort of related, I have wanted to build a tiny home for years now. Eco friendly, recycled products, reusing reclaimed materials, solar powered, etc. It would be really nice for the dogs to have somewhere to “retire” if you will. While this was always just a thought in the back of my head, it wasn’t until I was recently in French Polynesia that I seriously started looking into this idea. As I admired the boats anchored out in the beautiful blue waters off the island, I realized I was absolutely not comfortable putting my senior dogs through an ocean crossing and needed to come up with a new plan. (Honestly, that was never my “plan” plan, but something I want to do sooner rather than later.)

For years now I’ve wanted to build a tiny home, and have thought long and hard about where to put this tiny home. I have no desire to trailer it, I’d want it built on land where it is going to stay permanently. This land needs to be close to water for snorkeling, kayaking, SUP’ing, somewhere to cycle, hike, etc. The island of Moorea had *everything* I’d been looking for, except I’m not French and wouldn’t be able to stay there more than 3 months at a time not to exceed 6 months per year. I do, however, have residency in Mexico! I can afford Mexico, I speak the language, and I already accidentally met with someone who built tiny homes out of shipping containers and shared a lot of great information with me. There would be a lot less red tape to deal with.

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I don’t just want to build one tiny home, though. Sure, I’d build one at a time. I’d like to build three, one for me and two for guests. I’d really love to be able to rent these tiny homes out to other Veterans with PTSD. However, I’m going to go a step further. I’ve lost count of how many strangers have introduced themselves almost immediately as being a Veteran with PTSD, and when I ask what they’re doing for it they sort of look at me like I’m crazy. They’ve not seen a therapist, they don’t plan on seeing a therapist, they just want sympathy and I guess acceptance of upcoming bad behavior? Nope. No thanks!

I want to help the people who ARE going to therapy, who HAVE tried floats, and acupuncture, meditation retreats, and are constantly pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone to see if they can find new ways of attaining happiness and inner peace. I specifically want to help other veterans who experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST), because while many out in the field experienced a universal camaraderie, often times victims of sexual assault are punished into silence and suffer alone.

It would NOT be a retreat. While there would be space for meditation / yoga / kung fu, I don’t want there to be a structured program or an extreme focus on anything. For most of us Vets, we’re already aware of what we need to work on (if we’re in therapy and have been to retreats previously). I wholeheartedly just want a safe space for other Vets to be able to go to to relax and enjoy time in nature. Weighted blankets, noise cancelling headphones, reading and writing nooks, art, musical instruments, complete privacy, all in an off the grid and sustainable tiny home built by yours truly.

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I’m still not entirely sure if I should ditch the Patreon idea or not, but, if you would like to donate to this project please let me know and maybe I will once and for all follow through with Patreon. I finally feel like I have something worth putting donor money towards, although I plan on financing this myself anyways any little bit helps! It’s still a year or two away from happening, but I’d love to discuss ideas and learn from others who have maybe already built a tiny home.

If you’re interested in joining, I’d love to have you along for the journey!

PS: If you’ve been to Moorea AND the Pacific Coast of Mexico, please share what towns you think would be a great spot for my tiny homes! Thanks for reading 🙂

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