marin & saus town

I was finally able to tie my shoes this morning! A friend and I went walking around the Marin Headlands and Sausalito to catch up and enjoy the beautiful weather. I also chopped the mop recently. Styling it was difficult, putting it in a bun was challenging, asking people to do it for me was down right hysterical. It was long enough to donate, so I feel good about it. I thought I was going to look like an alien recovering from cancer, but I was surprised to hear twice that I look like Charlize Theron. Huh? 

We came across Bear and Zita’s cousins, Leo and Sugar, and took a really cute family portrait. Bear also got to work and entertained some Russian tourists, and gave hugs and smiles and love to all (while Zita hid). My friend Megan saw what I didn’t… sail jellies washed up on the beach! It was a great day, and a much needed venture out into the world. I’m still very grateful that after all life has thrown at us the past couple of months that we’re still together, still healthy, and still smiling. It is without a doubt if I didn’t have Bear and Zita, and the support of all my friends and family, I would not be here.











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I thought the rock stacks were fake at first when I saw them from afar. The pictures he was selling on the sidewalk were beautiful. Pretty neat!

Haha! I am running out of storage and am cleaning things up. I thought I shortened it and re-released it… I’ll take a look today

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