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my dear coconut

One thing I wasn’t crazy about on Coconut  is that someone thought it would be funny to remove the “C’s” on one side of the boat… leaving behind the name of “-O-ONUT”. It was like this when I bought the boat.

SAM_4400HA. Ha…. ha. When my best friend mentioned that she wanted to paint more, I thought, HEY wanna paint the name on the side of my boat?!?! She did! She came all the way down from Seattle to spend a weekend with me. We hung out and painted, hiked, played with the doggies, and chilled. It was so nice to spend some quality time with her! I wanted her to do whatever she pleased as far as the font and artistry went, I wanted her personal touch on my dear Coconut.

IMG_0065I didn’t realize this at the time, but the paint on the hull has stripped away so much on my boat that when we removed the stickers, there was another layer there that we couldn’t get off. Not with Goo-Gone, not with acetone, nothing. Turns out, it’s a thick layer of paint that the sticker was protecting from being blown away. You can see there are two layers of stickers that have been removed, creating a funky surface to paint on. I’ve been advised to sand it down with an orbital with 220 grit sand paper. I’ve got the supplies, just need to find the time to do it. Then Thyda can paint the city on next time she’s here.

IMG_0272For now only Coconut has been painted on, but I love how it came out!! Even Zita approves 😉



IMG_0326He has a rough life, be easy on him..

In other news, I looked through the blog and realized that I don’t have any photos of the interior on here. The photos I do have are from when I first moved board. That’s code for “it’s a mess”. It’s still messy, but I guess a little more of an organized mess. SAM_4419This is the walkway through the head to the aft cabin. This is just off the stairs from the companionway.

SAM_4431This is the lovely aft cabin! This area suffered the most water damage of all, as you can see the “wall” is completely torn out and needs to be redone.

SAM_4435Walking back out of the aft cabin you head to the galley.

SAM_4423The galley!

SAM_4424This is one of my favorites. On the other side of the galley is the “Nav Satation”. Look at all that old stuff! The countertop has three refrigeration compartments beneath it. SO MUCH SPACE TO KEEP FOOD AND BEER COOL! AAh. It’s so beautiful!

SAM_4422Here is the settee, across from the galley.

SAM_4444 This is unique, it’s a shop! To store tools! There was a lot of stuff left behind by the previous owner as you can see.

SAM_4428Zita for scale, all the beautiful beautiful drawers in the forward v-berth. There are two spaces for people to sleep up forward.

I’ve got my work cut out for me in bringing Coconut back up to par, but I’ve made a lot of progress already and I haven’t even had her six months yet. I really have so much more respect for people who rebuild things. It’s a lot of work! Especially on a boat, it’s not like you can just go to Home Depot and get this stuff. A lot of it isn’t even made anymore, leaving you scrounging around online trying to find stuff. It’s quite the scavenger hunt, but I think I like the fact that it’s not easy. If it were, it would be boring.

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Lovely pictures. It gives me a sense of your world! So glad you had a great time with Thyda. You guys are awesome!! Marg

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