on shore workouts

The silver lining to having had back injuries is I can’t wait until I feel like it to work out. There are also two things I know about myself: I move around a lot, and joining a gym has never been my thing. Because back pain is not something I can ignore, and I can’t for the life of me remember an entire 30 minute workout routine, I came up with a solution that worked for my mobile lifestyle. The question of “working out while sailing” has come up twice in the past week and my solution seems to be popular enough to where I thought I’d share it on the interwebs.

In the words of all fitness enthusiasts: It’s Easy, and Anyone Can Do It!

Step 1: Choose some sort of DVD workout you enjoy. Pilates, Yoga, Kung Fu, whatever floats your boat.

Step 2: Convert the DVD’s to an MP4 file format. I have a Mac, so I used Handbrake.

Step 3: Transfer the MP4’s to your tablet. (Or you can just use a portable DVD player.)

Step 4: Bring whatever you need to do said work out (yoga mat, towels, etc) to shore.

Step 5: Kick ass!


Hope this helps!

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