on the hard part tres

As you probably know already, the haul out is complete and I am back home. Here are pictures from the last leg of the haul out. The last week was mostly waiting for the shrouds to come in for the rigging (these hold up the mast, and were in really bad condition) and for the mast to go back up.

For the final results: my new shrouds are on, the mast light works, the VHF antenna has been installed (now I need to install the VHF radio!), the thru hull was re-sealed and no longer leaks, the rudder works as good as it can for now (although it is “dying”), the keel was re-sealed and the keel bolts were replaced, and the bottom was painted. Phew! I spent as much as I spent on my Jeep, so I’m OK with that investment. The majority of the work that was done will not need to be re-done for years.

I survived my first haul out! Wahoo!

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