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preparing for stormageddon: part 2

After reassessing the situation up on deck and some input from boat-friends, I’ve come up with a solution for tonights upcoming stormageddon.

1. I straightened out the tarps and repositioned the weights to be able to handle S, SE winds. 40 knots are projected, which is a lot.

2. I moved every loose and not-heavy-not-holding-anything-down object inside, except the propane tanks for the BBQ. Those are in a corner in the cockpit and should be safe.

3. I tightened the halyards and dock lines. The halyards are nowhere near the mast and there shouldn’t be any blood-curdling noise of line-slapping. Not from my boat anyways!

4. I washed the boat down.

“You washed the boat down?” you asked? Yes, I washed it. I did this for a few reasons.

First, as I was repositioning the tarps I was emptying out puddles of water everywhere. I thought this was a good idea until some light breezes came by and lifted the tarps up. I didn’t even think about it: the weight of the water keeps the tarp down! As a side note, my tarps are brown and the marina only allows silver tarps. I didn’t know this, so I am trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Because of this, I have the tarps directly on the deck, not hanging over the boom or lifelines.


Second, I washed the boat down because I had done some work yesterday on the porthole and there was crud everywhere that sweeping up wasn’t getting up.

Third, I have two very hairy dogs and I’ve found that their hair will collect in the cockpit and clog the scuppers (drains), thus preventing water flow to leave the boat.



We’re all ready for stormageddon! I know there’s no freaking way I’m sleeping tonight (storms = loud), so I’m going to try taking a nap while I can.

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