pure glamour

I’ve gotten a LOT of boat work done recently. Many thanks to my friend Steve who is always reliable and able to lend a helping hand! I finally finished caulking the bolts that I think were allowing water to come in when on a down wind starboard tack. Test sail this weekend hopefully!

I also made a lot of progress on other random projects like putting another coat of varnish on the wood, fixing the bilge pump (oh man that was a pain!!!!), allllmost finishing Zita’s crate aka cage of happiness.

A nice little storm came through and poured a few inches of rain down. Chaos! I forgot what that was like. It’s only rained for a couple of hours since the end of last winter. Raining for a couple of days is much more intense. Water everywhere. In my many projects from last weekend I noticed a leak. I called my helper Jay who had helped me fix a few things down in the bilge a while back to inspect what was going on. Because its so dark now I had to come home on my lunch break (so glad I am able to do this!).

Because I hadn’t gotten my bilge pump working, I was forced to clear out the water by hand kind of like how I did when I first moved aboard and didn’t know better. I could have gone for the shop vac, but I didn’t want to dig it out to be honest. Here are some glamour shots of what I’ve been up to..






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