Sailing Resume

aug 2022: lihue, kauai — 33 deg N — waikiki, oahu (watermaker failure, seattle bound)

skylark, cape george 36’

jun 2021: la paz, mx — puerto peñasco, mx

cantamar, pacific seacraft 37′

dec 2018: puerto williams, chile — antarctica

pelagic australis, custom aluminum 73′

july 2018: bahia de tortugas, mx — san francisco, ca

mele kai, catalina 42′

jun 2018: cabo san lucas, mx — bahía de tortugas, mx

brainwaves, ericson 35′

jan 2018: alameda, ca — mexico

coconut, fantasia 34′

sept 2017: sydney harbor

royal squadron, catalina 42′

dec 2015: el nido, phillippines

morgan 38′

aug 2014: kaneohe, hi — harbor, ca

knopkierry, pacific seacraft 37′

winter 2012: berkeley marina mid-winters

lightspeed, wylie 39′

2012-2014: berkeley marina beer cans

rail meat, foredeck

If you’re interested in having me join as delivery crew, please contact me at saltysenorita@yahoo.com

I published a couple of articles about my trip to Antarctica, visible here and here from Latitude 38.

For non-sailing related info: I was born and raised near Seattle, WA. I went to a Spanish Immersion program, part of the public school system where I grew up. Basically, I learned everything in school in Spanish. It’s come in handy in ways I could never imagine. My favorite activities were swimming, roller blading, climbing trees, and water polo. I love all kinds of Asian food, no matter how “I don’t know if you’ll like this”, I liked it and wanted more. I joined the military when I was 20 and was stationed in Texas, England and Nevada doing medical logistics.

I moved to Arizona to go to school in Interior Design once I was done with the military. Shortly after graduation I moved to San Francisco to begin my career in Lighting Design, a niche I’d really grown to love that had a much more supportive community.

However, the universe had other plans. I found a really great job within a week of moving to the Bay Area, but I could not find anywhere to live with not one but two dogs. After four months and four moves to completely different sides of the bay, I’d had enough. I told a coworker I was going to “sell everything and buy a sailboat to live on”. I had no idea what it meant, but the numbers looked good. It was supposed to be temporary, a year or two until I could get back on my feet financially.

I sold everything I owned minus my clothes and dishes. No storage unit, no car. I just wanted my dogs with me, and I got my wish! As I was learning how to get water to come out of the faucet, what a thru hull was, and what a battery bank was… I found a sense of purpose and empowerment that I’d never felt before. My dock neighbors started taking me out sailing, teaching me how to tack and be rail meat on Friday night Beer Can races.

While it’s already been a decade since this adventure began, I never in a million years thought I’d be capable of refitting two sailboats and sailing solo down the coast of California / Mexico, yet here we are! I used to be pretty active on this website, but because I am solo it was taking too much time to post every project, every sail, every victory or loss. I’d prefer to simply have this site up to show we are still here (RIP Bear), still moving forward, and still living the life.

Due to the dogs’ ages, I’ve stopped sailing Coconut. Two blind / deaf dogs with bad balance don’t make good crew for a singlehander. Not to worry, I am working on other projects to make Coconut safer at sea and I feel like I’m just beginning my long term sailing adventures! I have no plans, other than to never stop boat life.