rip schnicker bear

I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of this girl. My neighbor Ted has two (yes two) 14 year old dogs. Bigger dogs, like 70+ lbs. Schnick was an old girl and didn’t move much, but she was a sweetie and a princess in her own right. I often times saw her sleeping in the shadows of dock boxes in the mornings, as her favorite spot was anywhere in the shade. Being a black dog with tons of fur, I can’t imagine she’d like sleeping anywhere else. Her brother Ti didn’t care for my energetic hood rat doggies, but Miss Schnick liked to say hello every once in a while.

She started having seizures a couple of weeks ago, shortly after her brother Ti had a heart attack (so far he’s doing OK). Miss Schnick passed away yesterday, peacefully with her daddy by her side. The vet thinks the seizures and passing were due to a tumor on her spleen, one that didn’t cause pain thankfully. I got to give her some loving just a couple of days ago when I stopped by their boat. She will be missed <3

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