road trip! arizona [last stop]

The last stop on my road trip last year was Arizona (and Vegas, but more on that later). I really miss this place sometimes. It’s the Florida of the west coast. Backwards politics, full of old folks, and at times is embarrassing to be associated with. I did call this place home for four years, so I did grow attached to it.

From being able to catch up with former co-workers and classmates, to eating at my favorite restaurants and hiking my favorite trails, I had over a week to see and do everything that I had missed so dearly. Not the typical AZ stuff, but my AZ stuff. It was really refreshing to be able to actually take the time to relax and enjoy everything.



For the sake of simplicity, I opted to be Reese Witherspoon from Wild for Halloween because I loved the book and was super excited to see the movie, which was due out shortly after. All I had to do was buy a blonde wig and wear my “regular” clothes! I was reminded at the Halloween party of why I left Arizona when some douchey bro-dude was insisting I was homeless when explaining my “costume”. I assured him I did have a home, and just because I wasn’t at my home it didn’t mean I was homeless. There is no cure for being a douchey bro-dude!




The last last stop on my trip was really Las Vegas, to visit some family friends. Their health is deteriorating and it breaks my heart to hear that. They were always there for me when I lived in Las Vegas, and they invited me into their home as if they’d known me forever. Christmas, Mothers Day, birthdays, you name it. They wanted me there. I am so lucky to somehow find a family wherever I go.

And last but not least, I wanted to actually see that iconic Las Vegas landmark. I lived there two years and never saw the dang thing (probably because I was working 7 days a week for over a year, something I will NEVER do again). Finally: check! Plus, Las Vegas is where my adventures with the Bear and the Zita began. <3


And I would like to say I am happy to wrap up the road trip extravaganza. It was almost too easy to get around in the Jeep with the doggies and my camping gear. So easy that I am planning another road trip to the East Coast in the future. And by “planning” I mean “day dreaming” and when I say “in the future” I mean “whenever I can, really”.

On a side note– I am super jelly of all my fellow bloggers who are continuing to do boat work and make improvements to their vessels, or are visiting new ports and cruising around!! I love reading about it, especially because I can’t do anything right now. I hope to have some greasy posts, or a post about anything boating really, but it’s still a ways away.

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