saturday morning surprise

I was rowing the dogs over to the park this weekend when I noticed something was a little off… Ok maybe a lot off. I saw a mast. I saw the sanding rigging. What I didn’t see was the rest of the boat.

We’ve been having crazy weather lately: first it rained several inches for a couple of days, which I don’t think that has happened in several months. After that we had gale force winds for two days (or really long and loud evenings at least). I had a feeling that might have had something to do with what I was looking at, but I am no expert and have no idea what could have happened.

20131124-214313.jpg I rowed a little closer to get a better look (truth be told: I actually rowed back to my boat so that I could get my phone o take pictures because I knew there was no way it would be under for very long).

20131124-214855.jpg My heart breaks for the owner as I can see this boats same fixings on his boat as what I’ve got on mine. A boat is like a marriage, many people put a lot of time and energy into maintaining them. It was going to be a loss, without a doubt. Materialistically speaking, and figuratively speaking. I rowed by a few times more through out the day and saw a slow progression of how a diver and another person on the dock were able to get the boat out of the water, with the owner present of course.

20131124-215308.jpg Here you can see the transom sticking out and the white tarp covering the boom starting to emerge. Apparently what happens is that the keel gets stuck in the mud after sinking and when the water is being pumped out of the boat from below the transom tends to pop up first.

20131124-220408.jpg Lastly the two guys getting this boat upright inflated these huge yellow buoys to keep the boat upright. The diver was patching areas below with underwater epoxy, and later the guys told me that in the gale force winds a plank had come loose (that was already causing a leak requiring the bilge pump to come on regularly) that caused the boat to sink. It was troublesome watching the owner collect his things off of the boat as the guys were working away trying to keep it afloat. Every once in a while he would pause and seem to be lost in his thoughts, a somber look across his face. I bet it was a surprise to him when he got the phone call letting him know that his boat was underwater.

It’s being sent off to the marine center tomorrow to be scrapped 🙁

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