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It was “Bike To Work Day” here in the Bay and that inspired me to write this post. I’ve been making a lot of changes to make what I have last as long as possible (as far as supplies, food, and money). I really am tightening down on my spending, so here’s what I’ve been doing to save that monay:

1. Started riding my bike to work. Savings: $80/month (plus used less gas to get to the BART station)

2. Since I bike to work and hardly drive, one tank of gas can last me two months. Savings: $70/month

3. Bought drug store makeup instead of department store brands. Savings: $25/month

4. Since my hair is finally all the same texture (all damaged parts have been cut off!!) I buy the cheapest conditioner possible. Savings: $6/month

5. At my new dock, electricity is paid for (I paid the electricity at my last dock). Savings: up to $77/month (YES, I had an almost $80 bill in the winter)

6. I make all of my food. I might eat out once every couple of weeks. Savings: $1.2 million. Ok, maybe more like $200/month

7. Cancelled my gym membership. My new office has a gym, and I would rather be outside with the dogs anyways. Savings: $44/month

8. Used a company discount on my cell phone bill and re-assessed my usage with the plan. Savings: $15/month

9. Utilize the VA Healthcare system instead of opting for high cost health insurance. Savings: $150/month (more including copays, meds, etc.)

10. Do laundry more often. Amazingly enough, when I do one big load of laundry a week rather than waiting for an entire white/dark/mixed load to become full, I cut my laundry expenses in half! Savings: $25/month

11. Find uses for things I already have. This goes for food as well (if I have a bag of carrots, make some carrot salad!) Savings: PRICELESS!!!!

Added up, I’m saving $695/month!!! That’s a lot. Mind you I have never had health insurance, so I’ve never spent that $150/month. That’s still a lot of monthly savings that I’m pretty damn proud of. What else can you cut out of your life?

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