say hello to my new fridge!


My old fridge was slowly dying. The end of a much too short era. I went two and a half years of not having a fridge, and on my new boat and six months of having one… I need/want/must have the fridge. I went ahead and whipped out the credit card and bought a new Isotherm unit. It was a fairly easy install, and I saved myself $500 in labor!

I’d called my neighbor Fred over to make sure I wasn’t jacking up this new piece of equipment, and he said “you know kiddo, you really amaze me. I know plenty of men who wouldn’t attempt to do what you’re doing.” Fred’s my favorite neighbor, who I’ve since learned is this gentleman. And he’s right. I recently tried dating a land guy who really threw me for a loop. When giving him a tour of my boat he professed “eew, so I’m never going to use your toilet.”

Excuse me? My brand new, clean, odor free, FUNCTIONING toilet isn’t good enough for you? That was the first of many insults he spewed out about my boat and life on the water. Happiness lies within your attitude, not within what you have. If he could be so negative having been onboard for a mere couple of hours on a beautiful sunny afternoon, god forbid he be on the boat while it’s moving or raining.

While I was replacing the fridge, I installed a snazzy soap dispenser I bought myself using an Amazon gift card from my bestie. I hated fiddling with the soap bottle on the counter, it gets in the way of gaining access to my spices and whatnot. A girl needs a clutter free space!




The new Isoterhm unit is so much smaller and quieter than the old kerplunker (it was an Adler Barber, but ancient). I’m very happy with it and very happy I was able to install it on my own. You can see the bottle above for the soap dispenser, it fits like a glove. Yay to fixing shit!

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