spring cleaning

Spring is finally here!! The weather is starting to get better, my back is doing a lot better, and I had company coming over so that prompted me to really get my act together and do some spring cleaning. I had stockpiled items for little projects here and there, but I hadn’t done anything with the items. One thing that I struggle with on a weekly basis is keeping my dogs hair out of my food, off my clothing, and out of everything else that’s on the boat. I have to brush the dogs every day, whether I get around do that or not is not important. Even when I do brush them regularly, there is still hair everywhere. On my food, dishes, cups, etc. Then I wash it off and go to dry my hands, and yes, there’s dog hair on my hand towel too. Enough I say!

I had bought a twin sized flat bed sheet when I was at a flea market. I thought I could cut it in half and put it over my dishes and food to keep the hair off. I could do that, however, that also meant I couldn’t see anything and that it looked like I was covering things because I was about to sand or paint. I wasn’t crazy about that look, but it was working at keeping hair off of things. I found a shower curtain that was on sale for $3 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Score!! Not only was it see through, it had some design element to it so it wasn’t completely boring, AND because of it being plastic I will never have to worry about washing it. Win-win-win.

I also had laid down a barrier in between the fiberglass and my food, etc. With the condensation, the cans of food leave stains on the fiberglass. I will eventually be selling this boat, so I want to leave it in as good of shape as possible.

I also put down a shower mat, also found at Bed Bath & Beyond. I put that over a floor board that has a metal frame. When wet, the metal is slippery and with my clumsiness that is also scary.

I almost forgot that I have light in my closet now! I had removed a strip of LED lighting that was in my v-berth. The condensation was killing the strips one by one, so I removed it and tossed it aside. When going through my closet I realized I had an open outlet in there. I plugged the light strip in, placed the extra wire on a screw base that was sticking through from the v-berth, and placed the strips above the cabinet frame on the inside of the closet. They fit perfectly! I might have to tape them down so that they will stay put, however, this is the FIRST time I have been able to hang my clothes at night. Ahh, the little creature comforts!


Last but not least, the fun that started all of these projects that I mentioned was a good old bath for The Late Boomer. Boy did she need it! Whenever the rain stopped, I would pull my tarp half way over the boom, and in doing that I allowed a lot of algae to grow on the side that still had the tarp. There was also an ungodly amount of mold inside the cockpit. I bought environmentally friendly boat wash over a year ago. Had I used it? Nope. So, now was my time. I put my shorts on and went to town. It took about 4 hours, but man it looks good! I’ve never seen the cockpit so clean.


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