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It’s that time of year again! Time to check out fancy boats, sophisticated gear, and free seminars from those whose books I’ve read and knowledge I just wanna soak up. While Strictly Sail Pacific is open for four days in Jack London Square, I could only manage one day to visit. This means I missed seeing Cap’n Fatty 🙁

First on the agenda? When I returned from my first ocean crossing, I could see how valuable the wind vane system was (self steering). I immediately went on a search for a system compatible for my dear Coconut, and Hydrovane had exactly what we needed. They were giving a presentation about their system at the boat show, so what a great opportunity! I am forever going to be fantasizing about the day I can afford this invaluable piece of equipment.

I also heard from a couple about sailing Mexico and the Sea of Cortez, which lets be honest… that’s where I really want to be! (OK, and the South Pacific, too.) The most impressive? Two women who offered invaluable life experience. Lin Pardey, of course, was a wealth of knowledge as well as another woman Wendy who has circumnavigated three times over the course of seven years. These women know what they’re talking about! I took notes. Lots of ’em.

While I came to the boat show a couple of years ago I was well aware my time on the Columbia 26′ was nowhere near over and I was super jelly of the $300,000 boats. Now? Not so much. I truly admire how spacious my boat is compared to other 35’ers. I admire their fancy electronics, the pristine wood, the refers with shelves and stuff, but I am not jelly. As one presenter said, only get equipment you plan on being able to service/repair/replace. For me, that’s next to nothing. I will take manual everything, please and thank you.


Here I am on the back of a Lagoon 400, one cool Cat. Do you like my fashionable bandage? It’s actually turned into a bit of a security blanket. I dread the day I don’t have to wear it anymore. My hand is doing OK. Healing normally, but I am still in a lot of pain. Month one down, many more to go. I’ll end this post the way a fellow blogger does. With a feel-good quote.

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” -Jack London


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They had a Lagoon 450 at the boat show here a couple weeks ago. The salespeople were hitting us up hard, so I finally said it was definitely outside of our budget. That’s when they started asking if we could do the low $300,000s because they had a smaller Lagoon coming in as a trade-in. We just smiled, took the free bottled waters, and walked away. lol

You know, I didn’t even realize people went to boat shows to buy boats until I heard a couple talking about price on a Catalina 35′! The Lagoon girls didn’t want much to do with my friend or I thankfully.

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