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I’ve thought a lot about girly stuff, and how to get this girly stuff when I’m away at remote islands. Tampons, pads, razors, etc. I’ve really paid attention to my beauty routine and done research for more tips and tricks. I’m just going to start with the grossest one to scare away any guys reading this. Not sorry!

  1. Menstrual Cup: I’d heard about these for years but couldn’t bring myself to buy one. Sometimes there are too many options and it makes purchasing one impossible. Do I get a soft cup or firm? Do I get small or large? What brand is best? The list goes on. When I was in Mexico at a “Mercado Verde” there was a woman selling the Angel Cup. It has a 10 year warranty, so for $35 I have all the feminine products I’ll need for the next decade, minus pads. I haven’t gotten around to buying Thinx underwear, as exciting as that purchase will be I promise to get around to it. I was worried the cup would be messy, and it is if you drop it like I have, so don’t do that. Inserting and removing it does take some getting used to, but after three cycles it became second nature.
  2. Epilator: I bought the Braun Silk epil 9 on Amazon. I’m not going to lie, the epilator is intimidating, scary, and downright painful. This video is almost exactly what I went through, so don’t worry… it’s not just you. Think of the first time you ever plucked your eyebrows and imagine that all over your legs. It took me several tries just to get one of my calves done. However, there was a drastic reduction in the amount of hair through out the following week. Eventually, you’ll only need to do it once a week depending on how fast your hair grows. The fact the device will last years instead of weeks like razors do, I think it’s a no brainer!
  3. Face Shaver: Instead of using facial hair remover creme, I bought a tiny little battery operated Panasonic shaver. For, you know, the ‘stache.
  4. Refectocil: This is an eyelash tint. It also hurts like a mother if you get it in your eyes. The only way I’ve been able to keep it out is if I leave it on for an hour until it dries. Taking it off is much easier, and all the YouTube “how to” videos skipped over this most critical step. However, as someone with blonde eyelashes, this makes the need for wearing mascara less of an issue. This also saves on the amount of makeup I wear, and therefore saves on the amount of makeup remover I use.
  5. Eyebrow Dye: Yes I dye my eyebrows (they’re blonde) and it only costs $2 for a year’s supply from the dollar store. I mix a couple colors together to get the right tone.
  6. Reusable Cotton Rounds: I use these for removing mascara and when applying toner. Target has an 8 pack that can be thrown in the wash (or in my case, a bucket). This has drastically reduced the waste in my routine!
  7. Home Made Skin Exfoliator: This is simply honey, lemon, and brown sugar mixed together. Put as much of these ingredients in until it is a desired consistency (less runny and more chunky). This is an exfoliator that is good for the body and face, which is why I like it. I aim to exfoliate twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays) to keep my elbows, upper arms, legs, and upper thigh skin smooth.
  8. Stop Showering Every Day: I know it’s common for boaters to go days without showering, and I’m not going to lie. I’ve done it too. When at anchorage, it’s just unbearable to think of rowing to shore, locking the dinghy up, walking 40 minutes to the hotel showers, and hoping you don’t get caught every day. Hell, I did it once and that was enough for me! I now shower every other day, and I don’t have to refill the products in my shower caddy as often.
  9. No more Q-tips: You know what my favorite thing was to do when I first got out of the shower? Use q-tips!! Oh it’s the best feeling. Or was. Apparently it’s bad for your ears to potentially push the wax back in there, so using your shower towel to wipe away the outer wax is apparently all you need to do. I hate this feeling and miss my q-tips, but I have sort of gotten used to it. It saves on waste, so that’s a win.
  10. Old Washcloth: for removing nail polish. It doesnt work as well as cotton balls, but it at least doesn’t create any waste.

Things I haven’t found solutions for? Flossing. After my hand injury I needed those disposable one time use plastic pics. It’s just the easiest thing out there for me to use even now. There are no reusable pics, nor is there any kind of reusable dental floss out there. If any come to fruition, let me know!

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