quick sails with friends

Being that its Saturday, I have a hard time getting moving because all I want to do is be lazy. For just a little bit! I had all these plans and thinking about them made me not want to do anything. So I didn’t. Until 11 am. I forced myself to go running. My neighbor Jimmy invited me out for a short sail, but I wouldn’t have had time to fit my run in otherwise so I declined.

As I was stretching after my run, Jimmy passed me and said he was about to leave in 5-10 min if I was still interested in coming along. I thought they would have left a while ago!! Score, didn’t miss it! You don’t have to ask me twice!!!

Even though I was still sweaty and gross from my run, sailing sounded way more fun than being chained by responsibilities. I put on my foulies, some sunscreen, a visor, and went out for a short sail. Jimmy and Jimbo are boat partners and their friend Linda and Jimbo’s dog Gianni were all aboard. It was a beautiful short sail! I have to say, I’ve gone sailing with a mid sized crew and have been the only other somewhat knowledgeable sailor aboard besides the skipper before. I prefer this route because it lets me use my skills and see other boat set ups. Otherwise, I just sit there and feel like I haven’t been able to assist the captain at all. I like helping 🙂

It was my first time sailing with Jimmy and we had a blast! Afterwards we shared a beer, delicious shrimp, cookies, and fruit. There were other neighbors going for a short sail as well, but unfortunately responsibility called and I had to run my errands.

Oh, and if you look really closely at the last picture, you can see a sea lions head popping out of the water. We saw a ton of them in the marina today! I counted 6 sightings.