from a midnight massacre to an at home pamper party… happy thursday!

I often tell people that no two days are alike. I never get bored here. If I do, you all better be worried because that’s just not possible!!! It’s not all fun and games though. Either I’m greasy/paint ridden or I’m welcomed by some type of bodily fluid involved (usually from my beloved Princess Poopsalot). Either way, there’s always something going on… WARNING: GORE. THERE IS A GROSS PICTURE BELOW. YES I TOOK A PICTURE.

Last night instead of refilling the dog food like I should have (there was stuff in the way, grr) I just set out the mostly empty container on the cockpit seats and went to bed. “I’ll refill it in the morning!” I told myself. (Yeah right, the morning comes around and I say “I can sleep in, I got everything done last night!”) So here’s how my Thursday is panning out so far.

Exhibit A: here, the mostly empty food container. Note the crumbs to the right of the container. There would be no reason for there to be crumbs anywhere unless someone was trying to feast on said crumbs.

food...crumbs that weren't there before...

I did hear a loud-ish commotion on the boat last night / this morning. While it only lasted for 10-15 seconds, it definitely sounded like a struggle but who was involved I haven’t a clue. A bird being attacked by a bigger bird? Perhaps. I didn’t hear any foot prints so I would rule out a rat / skunk / raccoon. At the time I waited for Zita’s warning bark to signal trouble, but she was quiet (not even snoring!). Since she didn’t seem startled, I figured whatever was happening it would take care of itself. Well, someone took care of someone else, and that someone else was probably feasting on said dog food that I left out. Meaning, I’m an accessory to murder.

le dog food that was not there before

Exhibit B: This is the opposite side of the cockpit of where the dog food bin was. There was no food over here previously. Someone was feasting. This is what I really have to deal with, people. It’s not glamorous most of the time! WARNING TO LOOK AWAY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE ANYTHING GRODY.

the murder scene

Chyeah. There you go! Nom-nom-nom happening all up on my boat. The splatter even got onto Zita’s crate that I’ve been spray painting. Damnit wildlife!

So, yes, I had to leave the boat with there being blood all up on it.

When I get home I am going to clean it all up, hose the boat down, make it all shiny and new.

And because I have a friend coming into town this weekend, that means I need to pack.
And because we’re going to go party harty, I need to do my pedicure / facial / deep conditioning treatment.
And I’m going to pretend that none of the above happened while I’m doing this.