road trip! southern utah

I have a confession: I am in love. With Southern Utah. There is SOO much to do there! I had no idea how great of a hiking/camping/outdoorsy area it was. Between my two nights vroom vrooming through sandy roads to get a cave like camping spot, to Coyote Buttes, Zion, Kanab, Arches, coral pink sand dunes, the list goes on. The place is spectacular, and I could spend a couple of weeks exploring and still not have time to see everything!

Let’s start with the first night. I was tired and needing somewhere to sleep. I had no reception, so I have no idea where I was. By now I’d learned to look for the tire tracks off the side of the highway as a path to free camping spots. The first tracks I tried led me to this awesome lake. The difference between the sunset and sunrise were pretty spectacular. Not to mention I found an actual road that led to the lake, but why drive on a road when you can ride on a semi-scary dirt road using your 4-wheel drive skills you have yet to perfect? I mean, the answer is obvious.





I needed to get down to Kanab, as I was meeting a long time friend Jamie so we could hike Coyote Buttes. Coyote Buttes was in Northern Arizona, but for some reason you needed to get the permit to hike the Buttes in Kanab, UT some 40 miles away. I had also since learned visitor centers had water fill stations as well as knowledgeable people who could lead me to awesome free campsites. The guy there led me to a sweet half-cave near the country’s largest no-kill animal shelter. I liked it so much there, I spent a couple of nights here. It really was a special place. My friend Jose sent me off with a bottle of Colorado made whiskey, which honestly couldn’t have been more perfect. At that moment, life was pretty damned good. I also decided that¬†Coconut’s middle name was to be Huckleberry. Coconut Huckleberry Belle.




Between the trek through Arches (no dogs allowed, I just drove around for a couple of hours), my hike with Jamie through Coyote Buttes, and a quick 8 mile hike through Zion (also don’t allow dogs), and the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, I really wish I could have spent more time in this area.

IMG_4848 IMG_4674

By now I’ve obviously lost all decency! What can I say? I’m a wild woman. Next stop… Arizona!