so many knots

So here I am, at 2-something in the morning. I awoke because of a loud clanking sound on my mast. It is windy!!! After trying to sleep it off for an hour or so, I finally gave up. I took out my ear plugs, put on my rain coat and shoes, and went up onto the deck to see what the deal was.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. My earplugs are certainly working, first of all, I had no idea how noisy it was out here!! Tarps are blowing, lines are clanking, and the howling of the wind is the most prevalent of all the noises.

I thought that since I had raised my main sail to work on rigging the day before that I didn’t put something back correctly. It turns out that wasn’t the case, sadly it was just a line (can’t remember which one) that clanks against the mast at high winds.

Since I can’t turn Mother Nature off, I stuffed a crumpled up bed sheet in between the offending line and my mast. The wind forecast called for 15-25 knots, so I am guessing its more towards 25 knots right now.

My ear plugs are back in, I’ve found my way back to bed, and I will let this rocking boat bring me back to ZzzZzZzzzZz….