one year anniversary

I am in the process of  going through every single one of my posts and thinning things out. Gurl was running out of storage, and I updated the website and wanted to make everything streamlined. It was like going down memory lane looking through all the old posts. My first haul out, my first sail under the Golden Gate, and the simple sail to Sausalito with my neighbors that inspired me to want to circumnavigate (really, that’s all it took!!).

Life may seem sucky sometimes, but thankfully time keeps moving forward and those moments are just bumps in the road. I am so glad I have documented this inspiring adventure, the good and the bad. I realized I talked a lot about 1) desperately wanting a bigger boat, and 2) hating creepy men. Now that I have Coconut, I’ve got the bigger boat. I got her a year ago today, hence the name of the post. I’m no longer in the People’s Republic of Berkeley* either, so I’m no longer around creepy men! Seems like I got what I wanted after a shit ton of suffering hard work.

When I look around on the blog and in my daily life, I realize I have fallen madly in love with sailing. I bought a cheap wallet from Target that’s got tiny little white sailboats all over it. I hate it when cheap stuff breaks, but I also hate it when wallets don’t have cute little sailboats on them. I saw a scarf with sailboats on it and I had to have it. I got angry when I noticed how wrong a sailboat was painted on a backsplash at the Dr’s office. At any beach I’m most likely looking to see if there are spots to anchor, and surveying how protected it is. While there’s a lot that gets me excited about life, I look forward the most to many more years aboard my dear Coconut. 

  It’s good to take risks. Unless you take risks to break out of your comfort zone to try new things, your world stays small and you never know what joy you might be missing.

*Disclaimer: I have a lot of solid friendships from my time in Bezerkeley, but there are a lot of 5150’s there and it was annoying dealing with constantly.

BEFORE + AFTER progressions

six month anniversary!

My dear Coconut and I have been together for six months now, and it has been amazing to look back and see how far I’ve come. Some days I feel like I haven’t made much progress at all. I haven’t fixed the leaks. I haven’t fixed the previous water damage. I haven’t gotten her sailing yet. Maybe I haven’t done quite a few projects yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t made any progress at all.

I’ve had the boat hauled out, had the bottom painted, had a head installed, gotten new life lines. I’ve gotten a different main sail and have hand woven my own webbing onto the shackles, I’ve almost finished varnishing the exterior wood, I’ve gotten the stove working, I’ve gotten one of the two tanks to hold water (my least favorite project so far). She still needs a lot of work, but I feel that with new standing rigging and a million small little projects (securing things so they don’t move while under sail) we might be able to go sailing one of these days! I’m honestly in no rush. I do need to keep breaking in the new engine. I might as well do that now while I can’t even sail the boat in the first place. I am also kind of obsessed with the boat and can’t not spend money on it… so I do really need to slow down anyways. I can always work on the million tiny little projects. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

To celebrate the six month anniversary, I’ve been doing some deep-cleaning. I slowly moved (dumped) my stuff onboard and didn’t really take the time to organize everything when I first bought her. I find batteries, business cards, and receipts in almost every bag o’crap I look in. I find bungees and random screws everywhere as well. I’m sure things will constantly be ebbing and flowing, but for the most part those miscellaneous but important items are finding logical homes onboard and it… it feels good.. Yeah. (Sorry, I love 80’s music.)

I also decided it was time to install the table. It had been hiding in my closet, but I was hesitating because I didn’t want to make new holes in the floor or to take up valuable dance floor space. Both of those are pretty ridiculous reasons to not have a table, right? It’s weird having it there now, but it’s already proved to be a good work bench for this lefty!

I did have to be careful where I mounted the base, the table lowers to add more sleeping space so I just had to make sure the table could lower to the right spot. I also needed to make sure the stairs down to the companion way could clear the table, as well as make sure the floor hatches could still open. Voila! She’s in.



I hung my Hawaiian tile that conveniently covers up where a 110V light fixture had been.



I also hung a closet rod in the wet hanging locker. This is how well designed Coconut is, there’s a hanging locker just as you enter the main cabin that allows water run off to flow to the bilge. No chance for standing water! Bruce Bingham for the win.



In our every day life, Bear, Zita and I have returned to as “pre-boat” normal as possible. Whenever I separated my laundry on land, they’d immediately lay on it assuming I was offering them a bed. The first time I’d done that on board Coconut, they did what they hadn’t been able to do on the little 26’er. Their instincts kicked in and they knew what to do.


They also are able and willing to follow me everywhere as they often times did in our land-home. Apparently I’m really interesting.


“Is she going to cook? Must investigate.” “What is she doing back there? Must investigate.” “What does she have in her hands? Must sniff.” They also have their own beds again that are on the floor rather than on the furniture. While life was decent on the Columbia, this is much more like a happy home for us all which was all I wanted when we began this adventure three years ago! I can’t believe it’s been three years already.


BEFORE + AFTER progressions

my dear coconut

One thing I wasn’t crazy about on Coconut  is that someone thought it would be funny to remove the “C’s” on one side of the boat… leaving behind the name of “-O-ONUT”. It was like this when I bought the boat.

SAM_4400HA. Ha…. ha. When my best friend mentioned that she wanted to paint more, I thought, HEY wanna paint the name on the side of my boat?!?! She did! She came all the way down from Seattle to spend a weekend with me. We hung out and painted, hiked, played with the doggies, and chilled. It was so nice to spend some quality time with her! I wanted her to do whatever she pleased as far as the font and artistry went, I wanted her personal touch on my dear Coconut.

IMG_0065I didn’t realize this at the time, but the paint on the hull has stripped away so much on my boat that when we removed the stickers, there was another layer there that we couldn’t get off. Not with Goo-Gone, not with acetone, nothing. Turns out, it’s a thick layer of paint that the sticker was protecting from being blown away. You can see there are two layers of stickers that have been removed, creating a funky surface to paint on. I’ve been advised to sand it down with an orbital with 220 grit sand paper. I’ve got the supplies, just need to find the time to do it. Then Thyda can paint the city on next time she’s here.

IMG_0272For now only Coconut has been painted on, but I love how it came out!! Even Zita approves 😉



IMG_0326He has a rough life, be easy on him..

In other news, I looked through the blog and realized that I don’t have any photos of the interior on here. The photos I do have are from when I first moved board. That’s code for “it’s a mess”. It’s still messy, but I guess a little more of an organized mess. SAM_4419This is the walkway through the head to the aft cabin. This is just off the stairs from the companionway.

SAM_4431This is the lovely aft cabin! This area suffered the most water damage of all, as you can see the “wall” is completely torn out and needs to be redone.

SAM_4435Walking back out of the aft cabin you head to the galley.

SAM_4423The galley!

SAM_4424This is one of my favorites. On the other side of the galley is the “Nav Satation”. Look at all that old stuff! The countertop has three refrigeration compartments beneath it. SO MUCH SPACE TO KEEP FOOD AND BEER COOL! AAh. It’s so beautiful!

SAM_4422Here is the settee, across from the galley.

SAM_4444 This is unique, it’s a shop! To store tools! There was a lot of stuff left behind by the previous owner as you can see.

SAM_4428Zita for scale, all the beautiful beautiful drawers in the forward v-berth. There are two spaces for people to sleep up forward.

I’ve got my work cut out for me in bringing Coconut back up to par, but I’ve made a lot of progress already and I haven’t even had her six months yet. I really have so much more respect for people who rebuild things. It’s a lot of work! Especially on a boat, it’s not like you can just go to Home Depot and get this stuff. A lot of it isn’t even made anymore, leaving you scrounging around online trying to find stuff. It’s quite the scavenger hunt, but I think I like the fact that it’s not easy. If it were, it would be boring.


she’s mine!

Coconut is mine, and so far I am looooving it! Yes, there’s a lot of work to be done. Funny thing, when you have a better quality boat that is actually worth investing money into, there’s a higher quality people who want to help. I think it’s great! Every night at least two people stop by to not only see the boat, or see the boat again, or to say “hi” and see how the dogs and I are doing.

I love Coconut so much so that I counted all the drawers, cabinets, doors and hanging lockers. I have five doors and three hanging lockers. The drawers and cabinets each are well into the 20’s and 30’s, I lost count there are so many! Aah! It’s amazing. I try not to cry when I dust off a drawer and put stuff in it! It’s a really big deal for me, so please bear with me.

I’ve got a long list of projects that I need to do to get the boat liveable, followed up with a haul out at the end of the month along with fixing leaks and cosmetic issues. It’s all doable, as the skin and bones of the boat are solid. I’ve been sleeping on the boat for the past week and have migrated from the sofa in the saloon to the aft cabin (that does need the most cosmetic work of it all).

I’m so thankful to have the help that I have, to have friends who are willing and excited to help me complete projects and help order parts and what not. I’m happy to be moving away from “survival mode” that I was in on the other boat. I can actually come home and relax and make a meal without putting up much of a fight.

I’m feeling a little more sane and human. A little less like a rabid animal.

My little fluffs can’t get down the steps, but that’s kind of a relief they can’t run in and out anymore.

To be continued!