the end of a storage unit

I’ve finally buckled down and started going to town on my storage unit. Good news: it’s finally empty! Bad news: there’s crap everywhere. I feel like I have located about 75% of my life. 25% is still missing, and 50% can be sold or gotten rid of. I have a feeling I know where the 25% might be hiding, but I need to move a butt load of things to get to that space.

On the boat I have one box, in my car there is another box, and at work there’s another box and small suitcase under my desk. Some is ready to sell/donate, and some still needs to be gone through. As annoying and cluttered as everything has been, I’ve made significant progress and it feels great!

I’ve had to forgo cooking and brushing the dogs and cleaning in general, but there’s a quote I read recently that made me really want to kick into gear.

“Do what you need today, to do what you want tomorrow” (or something like that)

It’s not fun spending rainy Friday nights throwing crap away and trying to rearrange space, but, the better I do today will make it so much easier for tomorrow. Of the many hats I have worn in my life, I found my favorite one so far tonight! My Auntie gave me for my birthday just days before I moved aboard.