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road trip! colorado

Alright, back to my road trip taken back in October!


After getting stranded in New Mexico, I made it to Colorado safe and sound which was a relief.¬†The fall colors were beautiful, the deer were plentiful, and to my surprise right in the middle of all of that was an actual castle. It’s called Bishop’s Castle, if anyone is interested in checking it out. A work in progress she is, and on the way to the Auntie & Uncle’s house so I figured out why not? It’s got a dragon’s head atop the castle, and soon it will spit fire. I can’t make this stuff up! ūüôā




I was in Colorado for just over a week. I got to spend the evening with my Auntie on her birthday, which I believe was a first. I got to see a lot of her friends I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years! I’m so glad to have had time to actually spend time with people rather than do the much-too-short weekend trips. AAh. This is the life! Can I do this forever please? Thanks.



Besides the¬†TWO Bronco’s games¬†I got to attend, my¬†old and grumpy dogs got to hang out with my Auntie and Uncle’s young and playful German Shepherd puppies. Bear and Zita were so not having any of that puppy playful stuff. In all fairness, Bear has been having some hip issues and Zita doesn’t like anyone. My¬†friend Jose was also kind enough to take pictures of me and the doges at Garden of the Gods. Not to be outdone by going to ride roller coasters at night and going to a speakeasy in Downtown Denver later in my visit!




You know what they say, after a while pet owners start looking like their pets! I can’t believe I make B+Z look¬†less fluffy! I have forgotten to mention that I had been eating my way through memory lane on this road trip. In New Mexico I saw a Godfather’s pizza and you better believe I got the desert pizza! In Colorado it was Piper Wings, and apparently the¬†chicken fingers and ligonberry juice from IKEA I didn’t know I had missed so badly. (I worked at IKEA for four years, haven’t eaten there since.)



Next stop… Utah! (This is the dirt road I took to get there..18 miles or so)