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summer sailstice

I’m high as a kite right now! I took the boat out this weekend for a super fun raft up and not only did I not hit the dock or any other boats on my way out, coming back into the dock I parked Coconut like a glove! The first few times I had tried to park her my friend had to take over. I was taught a trick of toggling in between forward, neutral, and reverse, depending on what the situation is to be in control of the vessel. This boat never goes in reverse straight, as many heavy full keel boats don’t, so you have to account for that as well. Docking a boat can be a total shit show sometimes. Even the most experienced sailors have white knuckle moments.

At the Summer Sailstice raft-up, I got to show a lot of people my new boat. I will never get tired of showing a bunch of salty men my boat for them to drool over! Swoon. It’s always fun seeing friends I haven’t seen in ages, as I only make it to two raft ups a year it seems.

I was worried about the dogs going to the bathroom on other people’s boats, because they had done that last time we’d gone to a raft-up. One guy in particular was pretty pissed (pun intended). I stayed with the doggies on the boat, Zita eventually did her business up at the bow and Bear the following morning did his business up there as well. Wahoo! So the dogs know where to do their business up on the deck when anchored out, I fixed my battery situation, I can somewhat dock the boat single handed (that will take a little more practice) but everything I have been wanting is falling into place, like a glove 😉