beauty tips for the girly boat girl

Living on a boat, especially for a female with zero prior tool-using experience, can be a challenge sometimes. There’s a lot of “ugh!” moments and quite frankly the things you think are going to be easy end up being ridiculously complicated, and the things you think are going to be really complicated end up being so simple you feel kind of dumb. I’m sure there’s a Murphy’s Law for what I’m trying to say.

It’s the frustrating┬átimes that encourage me to do something I know how to do, yet still press on into unfamiliar territory. I got frustrated with the pegboard I was trying to cut into different sizes to mount in my shop. The hacksaw wasn’t cutting it fast enough. I put on the tea-tree mask from the Body Shop (amazing!) and was able to clear my thoughts (as well as my pores). Eventually I realized I had this Fein tool that kinda-sorta might work. I hadn’t used the thing before, but I saw someone using it which gave me an idea of what to do. I was able to get the pegboard cut and now my tools look so pretty! Like my skin. I was even jamming out to Mariah Carey. You see, it’s completely possible to be girly while doing “man” stuff.


I think it was well over a year after having moved onto my Columbia that I finally did a pedicure. On land, I used to do my pedicures every two weeks. I’ve never been interested in paying someone to do it for me, it’s expensive to do that and it’s not that hard to do at home. It’s not like I’m going to jeopardize my health by not doing a pedicure, but quite frankly I like to take care of myself and doing pedicures is almost something I do to relax.┬áThere’s nothing wrong with taking a beauty break, or even incorporate it into what I’m doing. Like mounting pegboard.

I followed the tea tree mask up with using my heat gun to dry my nail polish. There’s water all around me and it takes forever for nail polish to dry. Days, I’m talking. I don’t have days! You’ve gotta use what you’ve got wherever you are, right?! As usual, the dogs are like “what is that lady doing?” and I’m like “I’m getting shit done, that’s what I’m doing.”