a little invention

One of my favorite things about boat living is having to be creative in your problem solving. The problem was a pesky river like leak in the pulpit where the stern light wire comes thru. I had a container collecting said water, but I’d have to remember to empty it. During heavy rain, it fills up in a couple of hours.

With the help of a neighbor and a boat store friend, a hole was drilled into the container and a 1/2″ hose was put in place with plumbers putty to keep the area leak free.

imageSorry for the crap pictures, only have my camera phone and bad lighting because of the tarps covering the windows.

The hose I got was pretty kinked so I opened a drawer below the container and shut it on the hose to keep it angled down. This is the only way the water will drain.

imageAnd there you have it! The water from the bucket drains straight into the bilge. Not the prettiest or most sophisticated solution, but I have been trying to get the pulpit off for a really long time and nothing has worked. So, you do what you can do sometimes!