Those who are nomadic know finding a spot to take a nice hot shower can sometimes be a scavenger hunt. The bathrooms at marinas are typically similar to or slightly above campground bathrooms. Cement walls, cold toilets, bugs galore. It’s not fancy, but hopefully the hot water is a plenty. Some bathrooms nicer than others, which is always a treat.

The biggest hiccup when heading to shore to shower for me was forgetting something back on the boat. Shower caddies are the easiest way to shower and ensure you have everything you need, but finding the right one was a bit tricky. I tried several different styles early on in my liveaboard days, the fabric ones with three compartments with a coat hanger are fairly popular but my least favorite. My gripe about most of them is they have too much fabric that was going to get wet from putting your shower stuff back in there. Or it barely had any storage, so you have to put everything in travel sized containers and refill them all the time. The other popular style is all open and barely any compartments, so anyone could see “Hey, Rachel’s going to go take a shower!” with a black hole of shower stuff. Fishing around for the right bottle all the time is also really annoying and got old pretty quick.

I found one I love dearly several years ago now at Target (now available on Amazon). I love it so much I bought a backup, because I ruined the first one after putting it in the dryer. It’s meant to be a college dorm shower caddy. You can wash it, I’ve certainly had a container open on me before. I would let it dry on it’s own, though. 

Things I love about it:

  • The mesh at the bottom of the compartments allows water to drain 
  • You can bring it into the shower with you, via the opening strap for the shower curtain rod or suction cups on the back
  • It can get wet and it will not soak your backpack or bag you put it in
  • The fabric will not mold or hold water
  • The shower caddy closes, so nothing can fall out in transit, nor does it reveal my top secret plans to get clean
  • There are four compartments, easily grouping things together
  • The zipper is heavy duty and never gets stuck, as is common with zippers on boats
  • I can fit full product bottles that last months, no more refilling every week!
  • I can hang it up in the boat and use it at night without unpacking / repacking it every time

So there it is. An ode to my shower caddy! This baby lets me shower anywhere with ease, and I am forever grateful to the creators of this masterpiece.