boat specific splurges

I’ve upgraded a couple of things on the boat, rather materialistic things and rather inexpensive. I anticipate they are going to make me feel comfortable in a “I’m so spoiled” kind of way. However, I have a rule: if I buy stuff, I also need to get rid of stuff. There’s also no room for clutter aboard this boat!!

The first upgrade is a Dry Lite towel, made for camping I would imagine. I bought the extra large because reviews said the large was too small. It was well worth the $32 because there’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to dry off with a damp towel. No matter what I did, my “house” towel was always damp. Always. Damp. In the winter, it’s dreadful! I tested the new and improved towel out this morning and it was already dry and ready to be folded up and stowed away by the time I was leaving the bathrooms. Such a good little towel. All this towel talk is reminding me of South Park…


My second upgrade was a heater. I tossed the old one several months ago because it was huge. I was tired of constantly moving it out of the way. It was an apartment space heater, so anything apartment doesn’t belong on a boat. I was at the fancy boat store to return two tubes of extra caulking from last weekends project (came out to $64!) so I decided along with my coupon I had received in the mail, that my time has come for a heater. I know, several months I’ve gone without a heater. It doesn’t bother me, really. I only shiver a little! Haha, just kidding. I sleep better when it’s cold, and in the winter I bring out the electric blanket (almost more amazing than my down comforter). I haven’t really had a need for it, but, in preparation for winter I guess I’ll start being prepared and stuff.


With the new purchases, I had to get rid of stuff even though the new items weren’t taking up much space. I kind of like cleaning house. There’s no more sweeping things under the carpet over here. I almost know where everything is at now a days and I feel the best way to really know is to raid a certain area and just throw away everything you haven’t touched in several months. So I got rid of several socks, shoes, bras, and dog grooming things that I haven’t even touched or needed in a very long time. OUT I SAY! It’s hard to think about, especially with stuff I had bought for no apparent reason. That $90 bra to wear with that skanky $160 dress that I wore once? WTF Rachel! There will never be a use for that over here. It’s time to let go of the useless (yet expensive) crap.