maintenance progressions

the prop shop

My dear Coconut had a brand new engine as of a couple years ago and to date it only has 60 some odd hours on it. The only problem is the prop is old and meant for the original, larger horsepower engine.


My helper cleaned the prop up real nice when I was hauled out the first time. This revealed pitting as well as chunks missing from the edges of the blades. It’s too big to let me get to the full RPM’s anyways and obviously needed to be replaced. One thing I learned about Yanmars in Hawaii is that if you never rev the engine up as high as it can go for a reasonable amount of time, the heat exchanger will get clogged with salt water buildup causing the engine to overheat. So, we need the full rpm’s!

I went to The Prop Shop and gave them all the relevant specs (transmission gear ratio, right hand turn, model number, weight of the boat). With that info they ordered this beautiful new prop for me! Woo hoo. As soon as that baby was put on (ok, it was put on and several months later I tested it out) and I was able to get up to the full RPM’s!

Watch out!